CalState Northridge, Not Worth It

CalState Northridge is not Worth Attending?  It’s the most RACIST SCHOOL I HAVE EVER BEEN SUBJECTED TO.  Too many white administrators and the President is always a White Woman and overpaid.  The majority of people who work on campus are white, sitting on their asses behind a desk job. Of course, there is an exception for some teachers, because diversity is needed because of the many classes. The disability has a high number of racist workers, especially Ann Smith who works in the disability center.

Let me describe this nasty cunt and the abusive behavior she had towards me because I wouldn’t tolerate her bullshit. The financial aid office was filled with racist bitches, I was subject to so much abuse from teachers, staff, admin, and discrimination with work-study, as I was continuously rejected because it was left primarily for the white kids.

This crippled white girl named Brenden Siden who worked at a Rehab Center in the Valley was assisting me with my FA through the disability center. I never understood why? I never needed her help. The only reason I enrolled myself was so I could have extra time on exams because of Anxiety and wanting to get my hands on the extra money. It turned out to be a big waste of time and I dealt with nothing but bullshit. The only person who was decent was Christy, the secretary. 

Let me describe the STUPIDITY OF BRENDA.  In short, Brenda brings Ann Smith with her to sit with us, and NOT once does she bother to introduce us. So Brenda goes over the program, with me, and never once does she introduce us or tell me why she is there.  Ignorance.  In addition, Brenda was horrible at explaining her position or what the program is supposed to do.

What they are supposed to do is help with FUCKING EMPLOYMENT?  They never did, they were lazy and didn’t care, if anything I remember Brenda telling me how I should be seeking my own work.  This is a STATE REHAB ORG.  Brenda should have been informing everyone of the state jobs, they had for people.  IGNORANCE!!!   That is not what this program was about, but she fucked me over regardless.  So as I am sitting with Brenda. I am looking right at Ann, who was in front of me, and this bitch, keeps rolling her eyes at me, giving me dirty looks and just being rude with lip service under her breath, talking shit.

This is someone who actually thinks she helps people in the department? Is this what it says on her profile? She HELPS NO ONE!!!! Ann Smith is the nastiest CUNT and the RACIST BITCH at this school! She is abusive and lies to other staff behind your back if she doesn’t like you. Once she set me up to come to her office for an appt. I had to wait a week, only for her to tell me if I need an answer GOOGLE IT, next time. Is this fucken STUPID or what? This was my experience with this bitch!Ann-Smith-of-CSUN IS A WHITE RACIST BITCH!!

As for Brenda who did numerous horrible actions towards me, I emailed her boss and placed a very bad review about her behavior too. That bitch is a cripple with a vindictive side to her.  However, college at one time seemed like the thing to do after high school to gain the career you wanted or at least to gain direction in your life. I still believe it is, but with entrepreneurship on the rise and the internet, who needs it? New ideas can be born without education from overpriced institutions, SO THINK TWICE!!! Education places you in debt!

Many people have the notion college was only for kids whose parents had money or that if you were talented in some area you could achieve a scholarship to a prestigious university. Having good grades and perfect attendance with awesome recommendations was all a person needed. Not at CSUN, any ass-wad with a “D” average can get in and they have!

Or maybe just daddy’s money to reassure your way in. Over time as the economy has changed, for the worst and so did these notions. Many older adults were going back to school and reinventing themselves or just wanting to go to college because they were trying to play catch up in needing a career to secure their well-being. That was me.

The gaps in my education are too many years in between. Now being 50, I’m just not sure if going back for a master’s is worth continuous debt. Let me share my experience of Cal State North-ridge. It’s a lovely campus with prices that bleed you dry, and while you’re attending, you’re still broke and you will stay that way until you land a decent job and get your first check!

Looking for a place to live: Whether you are on campus or not, this school will charge you obscene rent and the food meals, gauge at prices that could feed a third-world country.  Now living off campus might seem like the better way to go, but all these ass-wads renting to students are STEALING from you. It’s time-consuming and very frustrating dealing with far too many Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personalities. You have the single woman who rents every room in her house, charging you for utilities without showing you a single bill. Just a typed receipt she made up on her calculator, which will cost you $75 to $100 dollars monthly. The real motive is charging $500 to $750 dollars for a bed with two other people in the room. Not only is every student paying high rent, but also support the landlord and provide the owner with a healthy profit. The intent is to PROFIT and rape the students financially!!!

This is my favorite, you spot an ad for a $300 hundred dollar room with a brief description of amenities, only to speak to a married woman who runs her own business. She is trying so hard to convince you, she’s here to help and give you a bargain on the room. The catch is as long as you watch her kids after school, feed them, and of course, you are responsible until she gets home. Oops. I forgot, help the kids with their homework, it’s a bargain!!!  I love it when people take advantage, don’t you? Now you have a built-in babysitter so Child Services doesn’t get mom for neglect. NEVER TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR OTHER PEOPLE’S KIDS!

Finally those brilliant ads with very accommodating prices, only to find when you get there, the rent just went up a few hundred dollars. Let’s not forget you have to pay for cable another $100, but hey, you get lots of channels on the subscription. It’s a real win-win situation! Most people are going to screw you out of money to support their bills and a profit in their pocket, it’s their INTENT!


Adjusting to College life: It was easy to adjust as I didn’t feel out of place all that much given my age at the time. I just think my expectations were too high and I was quickly disappointed. When a person observes their teacher behaving in the same manner their 20-year lesbian classmates do. I have to question is this person capable of giving me what I need in my education. Let me describe the “women’s center”, which of course is for all aged females, younger and older who are supposed to support each other, and work actively in creating change. Yeah, creating change at this house was getting an old box and writing the word DONATIONS, on the front, to place it at the front door!!! When it comes to activism here at CSUN, too many whores partying, having sex, and getting pregnant, you get the message. These young girls don’t care, they are too dumb and too distracted.

The women’s house was once in the center of campus until a fire broke out and burned it to the ground. It was later rebuilt far off campus which basically was a 15 to 20-minute walk if you were say near the entrance of the school. It was filled with young hipsters and lesbians. Let’s not forget the majority of teachers were dykes as well, with too much favoritism and nepotism in the mix. So if you get a raw deal with a teacher, don’t expect the chair of the department to understand, she will blackball you in a heartbeat.   Better take it up to a higher admin. As for the house, it’s a waste of time, I could never study, because of the racket with laughter and stories of partying and who is fucking who? 

Now that was just one area, the Women’s Study Offices to see your teacher, sat two STUPID young girls who were clueless most of the time, sitting on their asses performing a soft skilled job. It didn’t require much thinking at all. For some reason though when I asked a question, I could never get a straight answer. This was the receptionist I had to deal with before speaking to an instructor. I was so fed up with this STUPID protocol that I would march in as if they didn’t exist. The other problem most of the time I could never catch a teacher at their desk, or if I made an appointment it was rushed so I never got, what I really needed out of it. The advisers were the worst, lazy, lazy, and very lazy! They NEVER INFORM STUDENTS OF WHAT THEY NEED TO KNOW AND IT’S THEIR FUCKEN JOB TO DO JUST THAT. NOBODY WORKS AT THEIR JOB. PEOPLE ARE FUCKEN LAZY AT THIS SCHOOL!

The icing on the cake to the entire women’s department was 1) lazy professors 2) the hypocrisy and lies being told and what we were learning about racism and discrimination only to attend an institution that practices this very thing daily, every day, all day. 3) Some of the most racist people work here, mostly administrators.

Let’s not forget the students …………………..and many teachers support their fucked up racist behavior!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Because they are white! An example would be. Love Your Body Day was celebrated on campus every year. Basically, the message is to love yourself being a plus-size woman BECAUSE BEING SKINNY SENDS A NEGATIVE MESSAGE WITH HORRIBLE REPROCUSSIONS. However, the person who represented this campaign was only a white girl. That’s fine, but why can’t it be women of different nationalities? No, it never was, it was always a white girl. All I got from this event was it’s okay to be fat, just be white!

Together I came to find many people who work at this school are some of the most incompetent ass-kissers on the planet. It was all so fake. There was an essence missing from this institution. For the few teachers, I really liked I attached myself to them, did my best, and worked the hardest in their class because I wanted that A. For those, I had strainful relationships with I worked on not losing my temper since they held my grade in their back pocket. It was no secret how vindictive these bitches really are. I am referring to teachers in the department. Believe me, they love to blackball if given the opportunity. Garza is one of them.

Teachers In High School

In high school, I never had any support and it’s unfortunate a school will pass students with very poor grades, such as C’s and D’s. For this, I was embarrassed because I wanted to learn and apply so much in the real world. At this particular time in my life, my intention was to earn it and use what I learned in a productive way in my life, to benefit someone or something. The whole purpose of educating yourself is to have an understanding of the world we live in and how to live in it. As cruel and unfair as it is. Women Studies is just not about women, it’s about patriarchy and how it has evolved and how it still exists, about racism, sexism, violence, crime, politics, feminism and many other areas all rolled into one. It’s a FUCKEN contradiction, is what it is! No one gives a FUCK about creating change in America for the better good, people have no courage. Most young people are just a new era of slaves!

This program is one of the hardest to complete regardless of false assumptions. Yet it should never be considered as a Bachelor’s Degree unless you have a solid plan and you can quickly complete a strong master’s to back it up. Let’s not forget you still need to make a living from it. If you do decide to take Women’s Study classes, apply it as a minor or just as an elective. the real problem is, it’s not a specific program. (I found this out way too late from another adviser at another school). So therefore you can’t make a living from it alone.

Graduating: My whole life, well at least since after high school I just wanted to walk with my class and feel proud of what I had accomplished, but I didn’t. Where I found myself living (a women’s dorm) they had strict rules and didn’t care I wanted my education. I was expected to drop out, work, save money, and get out. The worst day was graduation dinner and I got there so late everyone was just about gone. The reason this happened was that I was out job hunting and had to seek a uniform so far away to a crappy job that didn’t work out anyway, only to be late. Then my father died. I never made it with my class it was so disappointing I just wanted to hide in a hole. Soon after I had to find a place to live and never really got the work I needed and still haven’t. The only thing I got was debt, which usually happens to most students.

Student Loans: The only thing I can say about this is ………………………DON’T APPLY FOR STUDENT LOANS!!!! PLEASE………………..

After Graduation:  I can’t stress this enough have a plan months before you graduate, so you have an idea of where to live, where to work, and where you need to go or should go. You don’t want to be without anything and no home, no money. If this happens you may not make it to your last level of education. It’s not easy to get back up once you fall off. Don’t allow others to distract you, people talk big about their plans and usually their full shit anyway. Just have a plan and a backup plan. If you want to achieve a master’s, then get those letters and applications months before you graduate with a bachelor’s.

Get all your ducks in a row, no one is going to do it for you. So you can make an easier transition to the next level. Some people like to take breaks in between, it’s not worth doing that for the reason that your mind is in educational mode. Just full steam ahead really is the wiser. Choose a Masters’ degree so you can make a decent living.

Don’t let some guy get you pregnant learn to be selfish and think of yourself first. Relationships will drag you down during this time in your life and will take you down a different path. Do what you need to do for yourself first. We live in a very UNCERTAIN WORLD NO ONE IS PROMISED TOMORROW. Avoid parties, drugs, and drinking. If you’re a young man, the same advice, keep your mind clear of distractions and obligations, and don’t get anyone pregnant. BE SMART!!! FOR GOD’S SAKE.

You are young, you have plenty of time to be involved  with people down the road. Don’t forfeit your youth.  The choices you make daily will shape your life and will shape your destiny.

This program confirmed what I already knew, this society was built on abuse and RACISM, so white people can benefit from it and fuck the rest of us. I am not religious by any means and this is NOT A CHRISTIAN country like Martha Garza thinks!!! OBAMA KISSED THE WHITE MANS ASS AND MURDERED MORE HUMANS!!!

The entire time I was attending I would see 666 everywhere.  It is the number of creation and destruction.  It’s a part of my spiritual path, but the end result is up to me.  This I learned many years later after opening the door to the natural world and witchcraft. Struggling through this racist school I can’t say it was worth it, but I did work hard for that degree and I earned it.  When it comes to racism, which is a fine line, its roots are very deep which most people will never understand. Those who are ignorant can’t see it or refuse to see it. People of color are just colorblind as white people.

I completed this program successfully with a very strong gpa. I have now a personal understanding of why I was treated in a negative way as a child, teenager, and adult, but it’s their problem NOT MINE!!!  I don’t hold on to that pain, but I won’t forget it either. However, it satisfies me to understand now those questions that went unanswered for so long are finally understood and my eyes are opened to the abuse, corruption and hate we all live in. None of it will ever CHANGE, the white race though will die out eventually, as people of color were here first and we will remain to be here in the end.

Knowing who I am as a woman, is critical and it should be for you, knowing that I love myself and that I prefer to lead not follow. My eyes can see clearly now and for that, I am a much happier human being. The rest no longer matters and neither do those ignorant people like Ann Smith and Brenda and the many other white racist abusers! As none of them are teachers! And CSUN is not a school of diversity, education, or change. It’s about Racism and Abuse.

Fuck everyone else!GO FUCK YOURSELF