Craigslist Weirdo’s

Craigslist weirdos come in all shapes and sizes, never trust the following losers on Craigslist. Does anyone remember the Craigslist killer, he was a white guy who was a Medical Student murdering young women who were “call girls”. I guess he never believed he would get busted. Phillip Markoff, what was going on in his mind? 

Especially to think he’s going to get away with killing women. Police suspected that the three crimes – close in time and similar in many ways – were committed by the same person. Security camera footage, cell phone activity, and email evidence led police to suspect Markoff in the April 10 and April 14 incidents, and he was arrested on April 20 in Walpole, Massachusetts while he and his fiancée were en route to Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut.

Question? Why are we being watched all the time with internet activity? Emails people send out, and phone calls that police can track with certain surveillance? My theory is the states, the Elites want to watch us and know everything we do. The Elites want to keep making arrests to incarcerate, the more money the States and the Elites make, the more society is ruined. It’s another strategy to destroy the Human Race. Am I the only person that notices how corrupt our society is and everything in it?

Every angle that is set up, is used against us. It’s all aimed at crushing the human race? If a white male like Phillip Markoff can be easily traced, with emails and cell phones, so can the elites and politicians. All of them use technology every day with emails and cell phones. Anyone can be traced, but it’s the people in domestic society that are persecuted for crimes.

Yet as people become more angry with everyday crap and find themselves fighting with people in society, the easier it is to track all of us which could lead to something more serious. However, the people at the top are being exposed for all of their crimes one by one, which they can’t hide for too long. Yet they are never PUNISHED!!!  Why not? So many people were involved with the Epstein case and yet Epstein’s name is the only name the media “highlights”. The majority of men who are child molesters and murderers are “white men” who behave this way compared to men of color, but people of color are prosecuted and targeted the most.

As I go through the internet I notice photos of wealthy men being with very young or under-age girls. Law Enforcement should have made arrests of every name on that list who flew and engaged with Epstein and drilled every douchebag until they confessed. It wouldn’t surprise me though if Bill Gates and Elon Musk owned Law Enforcement too. All should be arrested.

Law Enforcement only “protects and serves” the Elites, they are allies of the rich and Politicians. When these CRIMINALS commit crimes nothing is ever done about it, but the ignorance and stupidity of that same corrupt agency judges every citizen as if we are already guilty of crimes and forgets to include themselves with the majority vote. Frankly, I have little to no respect for cops, they are narrow-minded, lack education, lie all the time, and only their opinions are written on a report with little to no evidence. Yet they break the law themselves all the time because it’s the only way they can make an arrest.

Let me just say this, Bill Gates doesn’t lie about being in “control” of the end user of any computer sold. This is why his business is called “Windows”, yet he was never arrested for breaking the law by being a child molester. The media covers things up and no one except Jimmy Dore called him out of being a “child molester”, However, THE MEDIA said he had an affair, grown men don’t have affairs with young underage girls, that is not an affair!

Now the journalist is acting STUPID there is no knowledge of this young woman who she is and how old she was at the time. Yeah right, I’m sure it’s best to leave it all out of the article. Let’s call it out, of what it really is. This is why Melinda Gates divorced her husband. Not because he is guilty, she is too. You don’t think a person like Melinda doesn’t know what her husband is doing all of the time? Of course, she does. It’s just time to wash her hands clean of the situation to distance herself and have the media lie as if she knew nothing!! It’s so disgusting knowing he has kids and a daughter too and he behaves this way! Gates, Trump all of them should be in prison to spend the rest of the pedophiles ‘ lives rotting to death.

Now if Jeff Epstein (the fall guy) was blackmailing Bill Gates over fucking this young kid, what was the argument really about?  What pisses me off is how “Law Enforcement” refuses to investigate, they don’t even talk about it. Blackmailing goes right back to the book Whitney Webb wrote about all the blackmailing that goes on between the false Government and the Elites, but people are enabling this situation and refuse to see how horrible it is. Names of the GuiltyCarmen Barajas who lives in Rancho Cucamonga is a Liar and Thief Rotten Lying Cunt!!!

Not to get off track with my point to today’s blog, frankly, I don’t like Craigslist and people are difficult to communicate with, Ads are being placed all the time which most people choose not to answer, and when they do answer they’re rude and ignorant. For example, I answered a few ads about side gigs to make some cash, and the Psycho Bitch in Diamond Bar was one of them, which I blogged about. 2) Was a blind musician, and I could more than do the job, but if you don’t say the right words to this person he goes off. 3) Another was a woman who lied to me wasting my time and gas driving to meet her in Rancho Cucamonga and never gave me the work she promised, yet she kept running AirnB ads of needing housekeeping.carmenis a liar

I mean people are just fucked up. How is anyone going to get ahead with bad attitudes and manipulation? So many ugly horrible things have happened since Bill Gates tried to kill everyone with COVID-19, people are just not trustworthy at all. People are so blind to all that occurs in life, they blind sided with the ugly truth, jobs don’t exist at least not decent jobs because the market has changed so much.  Too many FUCKED UP ass-wads on Craigslist. There are no honest people everyone is hiding, and for what? If you’re on the internet you can be traced. You can’t hide.  NEVER GIVE CARMEN YOUR CALI DRIVERS LICENSE SHE TAKES PHOTOS!!!

Politics pumps drugs through society on a global scale, war and creating hate among the living so people start fighting, and families are torn apart because of the abuse and racism. And everyone just goes on with their day like nothing is happening. And the worst part of it people still allow themselves to have kids. Why?

Why the hell would you allow yourself to get pregnant and bring children into a world filled with so much uncertainty and hate?  Most of the men in society are either fags or child molesters which starts at the top and flows down into society in places such as the movie business, the music industry, and funneling through families, the church. Society is broken with no trust another reason why people can’t make money unless it’s dishonestly. Law Enforcement needs to stop protecting the rich and start making arrests. Their problem is they don’t want to bite the hand that feeds them. Kudos to you Peter Flaherty a Brave Man!!!