Covid is What I Expected

Why are people so fucken STUPID? When listening to a FALSE GOV. the first thing everyone does is JUMP because the elites and politicians know the majority of morons will jump and a good amount of those people are Koreans and Chinese and you know how paranoid they are? Three years later the truth is being leaked out, at least Jimmy Dore has the truth about Covid, so maybe this time everyone needs to listen.  You don’t have to like Jimmy Dore’s channel, the point is Bill Gates is a scum bag monopolist who wants to kill the human race and get richer at the same time. 

Never trust the WHITE MAN, he is just as bad as Hitler!!!!  Todd would tell me “the eyes of a man are the windows to his soul”, well Bill Gates’s soul is not pure, it’s BLACK with hate and the biggest EGO!!!  He is a child molester!!!!  Isn’t it strange how men of color are not the problem but are treated as if they are, it’s the WHITE MAN, who is filled with HATE and GREED!!!!

Covid is the biggest Lie told, it’s worst than Aides ever was, but then the “white man” is the most dangerous predator, isn’t he? I knew when this came out, 1) people were going to act out, 2) Paranoid behavior was the worst behavior with hate in the mix 3) People and their ignorance would set the stage and like sheep run out to shoot up with COVID VACCINATIONS, before questioning authority?  This is why people like Bill Gates already know how society will react. We are being studied all the time.  You don’t think we’re not being watched? Especially in society how people react when fear sits in, this is one reason for American Surveillance. Of course, we have all the necessary devices that help these monsters to zoom in on us. Cell phones, smart television, Alexa (Amazon) the computer I’m using are all being watched, cameras on the street anywhere you go and blab your mouth someone is listening.

I’m not an expert on the Bible, but in scripture, it does say the elites will be fully exposed and taken out first when this human race ends. So far it’s accurate and at least half of that statement is true because the lies half have been exposed and the white man has been exposed as child molesters, rapists in the movie industry, and scum in the church.

Far too many sex offenders in society and the ones with the most money seem to behave with the worst crimes, as sex offenders. Yet the white man keeps men of color in prison for marijuana. Something more severe needs to be in place to get rid of these monsters.  Money does NOT hide what you have done, and eventually, everyone pays, and no one gets away with SIN!!!!