Cop Winn – Walnut Sheriff Station

Scumbag Cop Winn of Walnut Sheriff Station mocked and Badgered the deceased Todd Taylor, while in my home. Abusive Cops think they’re above everyone else, their NOT! Your Shit!!! You mother fuckers are nothing, murder’s, child molesters and rapists, just look at the history of law enforcement.

You people are nothing, stupid, ignorant racists Ass-Wads, there must be an Ass – Hole Shortage!!! I pray you fucken die Winn, in severe pain. Your life will be short lived from every act of abuse, verbal or otherwise that you commit!

Today the love of my life died, Todd had many complications with his heart and other illnesses, and because of the lack of support, communication and understanding from hospitals and stupid negligent doctors over the years, it placed strain and emotional stress on me. Yet having to deal with police officer Winn of Walnut Sheriff’s station who was on a fishing expedition with his insidious line of questioning and abuse towards a man who died in his own home.

He thought it was okay to be disrespectful and malicious in my home with his ignorant questioning? First he places judgement asking me if Todd ever worked after rifling through his past? Now why would this matter to this cop? Why does he care or is he just being judgemental? Someone who dies and this PIG is judging? Look at yourself in the Mirror!! You think you walk on water asshole?  Law Enforcement are the biggest MURDERERS, YOU MOTHER FUCKERS ARE PIECES OF SHIT!!!

Who are you to judge anybody, you fucken asshole, he is gone. You’re a piece shit Winn take a look at yourself, YOU FUCKEN FAGGOT WITH SHORT MAN SYNDROME. You think because you’re a cop you’re above it all? Should I remind you of all the rotten abusive actions cops do, especially murdering black citizens because their trained to be RACIST!

Why don’t you question all the scum in the white house? Sex Traffickers, Child Murderers and War Criminals!!!  There is plenty of crime going on behind those walls? When I asked why, he asked? He stumbled over his own words and had nothing to say.

Then he goes on to question if I am going to continue living here? Why do you care where I live? Why does this matter to you or are you working for the front office with the rest of the assholes who are employed with AMC.LLC? It continues on with who I work for and am I considering this to be a work day? This fucken cop is a piece of shit, when the transporter got here he decided to tell Candice how this is not “foul play”, she is a fucken transporter, she doesn’t work for the fucken CIA asshole!

Questioning if Todd ever worked, what the fuck business is that of yours, you piece of shit? You think your better than Todd being an ally in Law Enforcement for the CRIMINALS IN THE FUCKEN WHITE HOUSE, WHO ARE ONLY CHILD MOLESTERS AND WAR CRIMINALS!! GO FUCK YOUR MOTHER!!!  NEXT TIME YOU NEED TO TAKE A PISS, GO BACK TO THE POLICE STATION INSTEAD OF PISSING ALL OVER MY TOILET ASSHOLE, I NEVER GAVE YOU PERMISSION TO USE MY BATHROOM!!

And why would it be Foul play? I am so reporting you and your malicious fucken behavior, not to the watch commander because another scumbag who will only run to your defense. “Oh, let me not forget he used my bathroom”, without permission so he could RUMMAGE through my cabinet? He must have been, it shouldn’t take 10 mins to take a piss!  I pray that useless over sized CLITORIS you have dangling between your legs, catches a disease and falls off you piece of shit!


No one understands how I fucken feel or what I have gone through this last several years to avoid Todd from being murdered from the hospitals and convalescent facilities. This entire fucken country is built on abuse, slavery, racism and every human is a commodity on the stock exchange for the rich to profit from dead or alive, so go fuck yourself you immature, insidious fucken morons!  When your death comes I pray its painful cocksucker!

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