Colleen Pratt Law Corruption

Colleen  Pratt Law is DISHONEST and USE LESS group of Attorneys. Refuses to assist and communicate with their Clients. Colleen Pratt is a SHIT attorney who DOES NOT care to work hard for her CLIENTS. My hand was broken with severe pain and loss of work and stress, sexually harassed by Bristol Farms Managers. Store Manager Tony McAndrew who is a RACIST PIG lied and fucked me over refusing to take responsibility, instead lied and made excuses when he deliberately changed my work schedule.

And that Dyke Colleen Pratt refuse to do her job, she never once spoke to me about my case, never did she explain anything nor would she help find me a doctor in the network, she ignored me at all costs and never represented me. Yet when I finally got my case to settle this DYKE BITCH has the nerve to tell me how she hasn’t gotten paid yet. I pray this lesbian cunt catches AIDS and SUFFER. Colleen Pratt is NOTHING MORE THAN CORRUPT SHIT ATTORNEY WHO NEVER FIGHTS FOR HER CLIENTS!

Nothing is more frustrating than having to deal with lies and more lies….coming out of people’s mouths. Poor Representation with Ainbinder, and Pratt. When I sued Bristol Farms in May to report the damages I had endured, I didn’t expect to pay for a lazy attorney. None of these people are worth a shit! They will betray you and take sides with the adversary! I Had no representation after Ainbinder and Pratt took my case. I had to represent myself in the end. Never once did these ass-wads help in any way. When it came to the money I HAD TO YELL AT THE BITCH to STOP CHEATING ME… THAT IS WHY CORPORATIONS HAVE INSURANCE STUPID!!

I expected at the very least that my attorney would communicate with me with no problems, but hell communication is so time-consuming why the fuck bother you, right?  This dyke Colleen Pratt refused to inform me of what I needed to know.  Just three weeks ago I was told that my case after suing Bristol Farms finally settled with a good chunk of change, THAT IS BECAUSE I HAD TO YELL AND SCREAM AT THESE ASS-WADS, WHO WOULDN’T GET OFF THEIR LAZY ASS!!  Originally I was told by Nick (who is an associate) said, these types of “work comp cases” usually fail. How reassuring especially when my own attorney wouldn’t help me.

During this very stressful moment, I get a call from someone, a woman Mirella Flores at a school stating that I could be eligible for an educational voucher valued at $6000 dollars. That way I can be trained for a new opportunity in the workforce.  I told the woman I knew nothing about it, but I would get back to her after calling the lawyer and confirming with my attorney. No one would tell me anything. Pratt was giving Mirella Flores my information and betrayed my case.DYKE CUNT COLLEEN PRATT

Before I left I confirmed with the law office about our conversation, since Ainbinder and Pratt never mentioned anything to me. So I strongly speculate Flores had my information thanks to Colleen Pratt.  Pratt is a poor representation and did nothing to assist me in my case! I do recall her words to me about how she has not been paid yet.  That is all this dyke cared about. Other than that she would never talk to me I could never get straight answers about what was going on. All I know is your own attorney will side with the company and their insurance, they will block you from finding a doctor in the network so start looking on your own.  Whenever you are at a job document everything, especially with SEXUAL HARRASSMENT. At Bristol Farms sexual harassment was a daily problem. Managers of every department were harassing the women, talking dirty or making sexual remarks when walking by. It was not a safe place to work with these males behaving this way. There was also fraternization with customers as managers were having sexual affairs with various departments. I also came to find out that homosexual fraternization was another problem. Managers would make lewd remarks and express bad behavior.

So to continue with that bitch Flores I thought, ok this is a new start I could get retrained for a new career, so I traveled all the way to South Gate to some shit hole place, a one-legged horse institution that didn’t appear very attractive. It turned out to be a scam.

First, let me start by sharing what I do know, this type of voucher is a new program that has been passed by the State of California for those people who can not return back to their original jobs once they have settled a “workers comp case”.

Now I don’t know much about it, because it’s fairly new, but it’s being backdated from past cases for those people who are entitled to it. What I was told is that school reps have access to cases of people and what they are doing is persuading that person to enter into their programs. Now it was pointed out to me that this person might be getting some type of commission for it so I was to be careful. The school has to be an accredited college which most community colleges and some universities usually are.  How these reps are getting other people’s information I have no idea. Someone is selling out, someone is selling this information.

Now this woman Mirella Flores (who made a claim to me that she worked for (“workers comp”), is what she told me when I met her, but yet her business card says she is ” associate director”. Years later she and others were busted on state charges of FRAUD!!!!mirella flores fraud

At this point, I’m assuming my attorney is the one who contacts her into calling me about their programs.  I’m really pissed off at how my case has been handled, poor representation. The law office had me going to doctors that placed me on disability and through social security I was able to obtain some assistance. 

As you may know, not everybody who works pays into the system if you get hurt. SSI will pay you a percentage when they review your work history however it’s a claim but it’s a hassle getting it started. Which in turn takes nearly NINE MONTHS to see anything and it’s only temporary.

One problem with poor representation had I went to doctors that were not within the network of “workers comp” and I never did see one. This was not good it’s essential I see a doctor in the network to support my case. My hand was severely damaged during the entire time I was working and I was being sexually harassed and verbally threatened by managers all the time.

It was all because the adjuster wouldn’t fucking approve of it, it was to block me from moving forward and time heals all wounds. She is employed with Zenith Insurance who is Claire Versailles that works for the enemy Bristol Farms.Claire Versales

Now, this is an ongoing fucked up game everyone plays because, in reality, no employer wants to pay “workers comp”.  FYI if you’re an employer in California who refuses to carry insurance because you’re a cheap-ass you will have major financial repercussions.

If an employee gets hurt you are seriously fucked if you have no one to help you. And your employer won’t care. It’s required by law to carry this type of insurance. I’m sure the employer’s premiums are impacted when workers start a claim against the company. Oh well, that’s their fucken problem. NO TRAINING WAS EVER GIVEN AT THIS COMPANY, THEY HAD US EMPLOYEES SIGN OFF TO TRAINING THAT NEVER HAPPENED. IF WE DIDN’T SIGN WE WERE THREATENED ALL THE TIME. IT WAS ONGOING ABUSE TO WORK FOR BRISTOL FARMS.

So as the game continues back and forth, communication being a problem, and Lynn Melilo (who works at the Bristol’s Corp) being in charge of my case is a straight-out fucking liar and manipulating WHITE TRASH CUNT!!!! WHO NEEDS A HARD BEATING!!! DECIDES ONE DAY TO FUCK ME OVER ON THE JOB AND NOT SCHEDULE ME WHEN IT WAS HER RESPONSIBILITY TO HAVE ME ON THE SCHEDULE TO PROVIDE MY HOURS, SHE NEVER DID, SO I START AN EMAIL FIGHT WITH HER. AT THIS POINT I HAD NOTHING TO LOSE.

During the many conversations, she was constantly putting words in my mouth, very manipulating with the situation twisting circumstances around even the sound of her voice was annoying. She was the one whom I needed to confirm my work restrictions either to agree or not and she refuses to do so before July 1st, 2015, which was my return date back to the market.  Instead, she played games with me on the phone and refuse to give me an answer. After this I no longer spoke to her on the phone it had to be via email or nothing, she refused to do so but I wouldn’t answer this CUNT anymore because she was a lying whore.

Later on, I found myself extremely angry and I contacted my attorney to tell her lets to drop everything.  I am done I guess she never did, because the next thing I know my case was approved because of ME, NOT COLLEEN PRATT!!!! MY ACTIONS ARE WHAT SET IT OFF!!! I deserved $100, 000 and was SOLD OUT only to receive $15,000 minus that DYKE CUNT COLLEEN PRATT taking her %.  Sexual harassment, a broken hand, stress, loss of wages, loss of work, racism, being blackballed and not getting medical attention as I needed, all because Colleen Pratt doesn’t give a SHIT about her clients.

Of course, I have to thank that DUMB BITCH Lynn if it wasn’t for her FUCK UP and my nasty email, who knows. Hey Lynn I hear you have moved up, still sucking the VP Adam’s cock? Glad to know your COCK SUCKING SKILLS and UP THE ASS ENJOYMENT GOT YOU A HIGHER POSITION.  TWO FACE COCK SUCKING BITCH!!

cunt lynn works for bristol farms

This voucher never existed because MIELLA FLORES was STEALING THE MONEY FROM THE STUDENTS HER AND THE MAYOR. It was obvious to me that this fucking adjuster and the rest of the Klu Klux Clan blackballed me in stating I was the one who denied working back at the store.  Now I am fucking pissed off. That was a fucken lie!! They were trying to cover their ass because they fucked up and Colleen Prat that Lesbian Dyke believed them, she was never on my side.  I hope she catches AIDS AND DIES!!!

Really? These mother fuckers are fucking liars.  At one point feeling low about the situation I contacted that cock sucker Adam Caldecott (VP of Bristol Farms) asking for my job back he never fucking answered me. Tony McAndrews is no better than a lazy racist asshole PIECE OF SHIT WHO CHEATS ON HIS WIFE. IT’S TONY’S FAULT WHY I HURT MYSELF IN THE FIRST PLACE BECAUSE HE REFUSED TO GET ME HELP TO BEGIN WITH. He was supposed to have people help me I was working my ass off as one employee doing a three-man job. Tony took me for GRANTED and in the end SOLD ME OUT, SO NOW I AM GOING PUBLIC WITH ALL OF THE DIRTY SECRETS OF BRISTOL FARMS!!!  SEXUAL HARASSMENT, RAPE, RACISM, SEXUAL AFFAIRS VERBAL ABUSE, AND EMOTIONAL ABUSE. MANAGERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE HARASSMENT OF WOMEN.

One day I was really fuming about everything and I sent that nasty email to Lynn and that bitch jumped by blowing up my cell phone, calling, leaving messages, and sending messages.  This, of course, took place after July 1st because telling her off and Adam I had nothing to lose. Yeah, my case is settled but these assholes have my own Attorney believing I denied going back to work. Talk about betrayal. FUCK YOU WHORE!!! FUCK YOU ADAM YOU FUCKEN RACIST PIG!!!

I have communicated to my attorney the way these people are with their blackballing shit the corruptness to even letting it be known how they pay off employees when they get hurt.  They have pressured workers to sign off on safety techniques that were never demonstrated to us and this was to only cover their ass. And now they think they’re going to have the last word by lying about me denying work? I am the one who is fucking unemployed. MOTHER FUCKERS!!! FUCK YOU BRISTOL FARMS FUCK YOU!!

I am disgusted with everybody but I have already contacted the proper people and will be appealing this to obtain that voucher as I STRONGLY feel I am entitled to it.  Bristol Farms should be thanking me this is not a “sexual harassment case” as I could have made it one.

Lizardo Estrada’s manager of produce made many sexual advances to me (and other women) when I worked there at the West Hollywood store. In addition, he bragged about his sexual conquest with two female customers.  This is a guy who likes working overtime hmm …..with all the sexual harassment and abuse I was subjected to my claim was a joke of what I was entitled to receive!!! Let’s not forget about that fucken pig Reyes another Deli Manager who also sexually harasses women and had his wife come in yelling and starting a fight with another female worker, who Reyes was having an affair with. WAY TO GO BRISTOLS!