Be Good to Cats and Dogs

I once expressed to someone (not so important) how I felt animals are more precious and vital on the land than people. This ignorant moron I expressed this to obviously didn’t understand my feelings about this. Animals such as cats and dogs depend on humans to care for them, feed them and love them. Unfortunately, that is not always the case, as I believe cats and dogs can become depressed and stressed out just like humans when living in a hostile home environment. Now for all those stupid people who choose not to believe this because you’re an abusive asshole who mistreats your pets, just like you mistreat your kids, I guess your guilt has you living in denial.

Three weeks ago I gave my cousin some cash to rent a room at his house, which I am now moving out of. I thought it would be a place I could rest my head until I found my own place, but my cousin thought he could pull a fast one on me, using me for the time he needed. No problem after what I’ve had to deal with in this short time, it’s a luxury for me to leave. I’m only sorry for the house pets who ended up with the raw end of the deal having to stay.

The first day I moved in I can recall my cousin’s partner (yeah he’s gay) telling me about keeping things clean (when they are the ones making all the mess). Also, how they like to smoke their weed, (yup all day, every day getting high with some whiskey to quench their thirst, and all this time they have not worked.  And last they have two cats (whom I rarely see because they run amuck) and two dogs which are being abused and neglected. These dogs are pit bulls, named Papi and the white one I can’t remember at the moment, however, both are starved for affection. The first week I was there not once did I see them being fed and no water was ever outside. Like children, pets too should be on a consistent schedule.  The excuse is that their food and water have to be controlled.  Maybe my cousin and his friend should have their daily habits controlled and they would get more accomplished.

Every day when I am there I am having to listen to his friend yelling at the dogs, which I am fucken sick of, he never picks up the dog shit (oh, once a week) which is so disgusting, and between not feeding his dog on a consistent basis and yelling at the poor animal he wonders why she is eating her own shit and throwing up. Gee, maybe it’s because her nervous system is fucked? Of course, when I mentioned this, both of them had attitudes that said that wasn’t the reason, dismissing the fact that dogs can have symptoms of depression or nervousness.

Wow really? Hell, even I have had to leave numerous times because of the stress and anxiety I’m feeling being in the house.  My favorite is when both of them got into a huge fight and the entire neighborhood could hear them yelling. Then later his partner goes out to clean the shit and is taking his anger out on the dogs.  Frankly, I am waiting for Papi to rip his head off as he is a very big pit bull, but he has a look in his eyes that is so loving as if he wants me to rescue him from this bullshit. I’m sure he knows better this is why he picks on the little dog so much. My cousin’s partner is an abusive asshole, but I’m the who is unbearable to live with.Yeah I don't need this hostile shit!

All there is, in this fucked up society we live in is ABUSE. People abuse and kill their children, men beat and murder their wives, and homosexuality is highly encouraged among young men and small children (my theory is, its stems from sexual abuse). Families are broken and disrespectful to each other with a lack of understanding and patience.  I don’t understand why have pets if you can’t care for them properly.  When you can’t wipe your own ass or take care of yourself?  A pet is not your personal punching bag. Just a few days before I left, my cousin’s friend was on the phone bitching and complaining about his life to anyone who will listen. Instead of going to work! I’ve had I am leaving this nut house.

He said a very ignorant remark, bragging about how he spent $3500 dollars on this dog and she should know better.  Know better for what? That is so fucken STUPID!!!   Does his mother tell him that, he should have known better as a child he will have to get a job and support himself?  Or when he learned to walk and how to use the toilet?  Or was it taught to him? This guy once expressed he doesn’t love them that much.

He also mentioned how she fell off the stairs, more like he pushed her off which was the reason for her crying.  He must think I am fucken stupid I can’t tell the difference.  These dogs want affection and love just like any human being.  He once made a remark to me about how he doesn’t abuse the dog, he said that to cover his ass because he dam well knows I heard him after the blowout because I yelled out. I am not fucken deaf the neighbors can hear as well.  California Penal Code [CPC] §597(a) – Animal Cruelty – Penal Code §597(a) makes it a crime to intentionally maim, mutilate, torture, wound, or kill a living animal. Violation of CPC §597(a) can result in three years in state prison, a fine of up to $20,000, or both a prison term and a fine.

Let me remind everybody animals know NOTHING about the money system, war, murder, child abuse stealing from consumers, taxation, or anything else humans do!!!  However, they do know something about how they feel when not being loved or understood and mistreated. They can sense the ugliness in the air. The tension and the stress. I know I have in the short time I was living there and for as much money as the two fuckers spend on weed, they shouldn’t have a problem spending money on proper dog leashes. That way they can take these poor animals to the park. The only scenery the dogs have are the living room when being yelled at to go lay down and the cement backyard filled with dog shit!  Yeah, the dog shit needs to be cleaned DAILY!!!  It’s feces, you idiot!

In the last 6 months, I have noticed more animals being killed by cars and people and frankly, I am sick of that too, I realize some small animals run in the street which I too have come across, but I also made every attempt to prevent from hitting them. Most people could care less. People want to kill, it’s within their souls.  Just this morning I drove to Sante Fe Springs in the shopping mall and noticed a dead cat someone killed and just left its body on the sidewalk, so I called the animal shelter to pick up this poor creature. Two months ago someone hit and killed a very large coyote and left it in the middle of the street (that could have been avoided), but as I said, people have it in them to want to kill. How do you treat your pets?

As I said in the beginning animals mean more to me than humans because animals don’t kill for pleasure as humans do. Animals are not screwing each other over for a percentage, and animals know nothing of the monetary system. It’s the people that are the problem to society, but I want to believe there are those who still love and care for their pets properly and with love.