California Board of Psychology Corrupt


Adrienne Sung who is the owner of Medpro is responsible for allowing and hiring these Gross Incompetent and Gross Negligence bullshit Doctors to commit Fraud, Defamation of character, Abuse, and Racism while conducting an evaluation on me for the Social Security Office.

California Board of Psychology Corrupt ever since Covid started the majority of companies and all state agencies have gone remote and my theory on this is that employers 1) want to get rid of employees, so to do that, the offices are shut down except for managers or receptionists. 2) With the downsizing of labor the quality of how a person does their job is also in the toilet, 3) Corporations and Agencies just don’t care anymore, they ignore complaints, refuse to discipline employees for gross incompetence, and take no responsibility with letter writing, And working from home is another way of NOT doing your JOB! No one answers phones or returns calls, lazy Mother – Fuckers!

Let me provide my experience with this joke of the agency “California Board of Psychology”. With this being said any upper management refuses to speak to those making complaints, it’s best to either ignore you or (my favorite) hang up on the person when speaking! I’ve called numerous times and they refused to answer the phones!Board of Psychology are a fucken joke!!!!

After my man died I was emotionally torn up, I needed time to heal mentally and physically from the trauma. My life was turned upside down and this entire year wasn’t any better, but I am slowly regaining my strength back.  I filed for my unemployment which I am entitled to have but was fucked over by the EDD Agency refusing to give me what I worked for. The state refuses to give people their money.

I was also denied disability, so then I filed for Social Security and that was a bitch! The State of California loves fucking people out of money. I guess they’re too busy giving millions to build shelters as they destroy people’s lives, at least that is where most of the money goes.  Instead of building homes for people to live in, it doesn’t cost a million dollars to build a fucken house out of wood and plaster. 

Now let’s ruin people’s lives, have no jobs, and crush the human race. Give money to non-profits to build shelters to cram people in as they slowly end up on the street, so the STATE OF CALIFORNIA can keep the campaign running of how they are trying to fix the homeless problem.  Yeah sure you are more like continuing to create a larger population of slavery!!!!

So I found my own doctor and proceeded with collecting early retirement, which was a real bitch. Social Security doesn’t like giving people their money as if they give so much.  They fuck people out of money it’s obvious. Not the politicians though they get to rape the system and yet they refuse to tell me the formula of the calculations. How does Social Security come up with the dollar amount? I guess they don’t want the public to know their scrutinizing tactics and secrets of cheating people out of money!

However, when I was mandatory to go to this whacked-out clinic in Fullerton, Ca that Adrienne Sung owns, where I dealt with a shit shrink all of 5 minutes which turned out to be racist. Which in turn provided a report that was marked with personal comments of “defamation of character” towards me. I then decided to write and send evidence of this to the Psychology Board, reporting all quacks who claim to be a psychologist. He also gave preferential treatment to a white girl and he spent a great deal of his personal time in the office. Let me begin with the bullshit of this letter some idiot wrote refusing to take responsibility and not signing their name to the letter. Huge red flag!!! That letter was from the psychology department and when I called no one would answer the phone. I don’t care what people think, this is not an objective evaluation!PIG !!! Minas Harutunian

The following letter explains how this bullshit agency is going to investigate the problem, yet they give a HIGH BURDEN OF PROOF to the whacked-out agency and the shit doctors. Immediately I thought of traffic court, isn’t it the same bullshit game? When a person gets a ticket only to go to court to fight it and the game is rigged with the cop having  “the fucken burden of proof”.?  The letter I received from the psychology department is the bigger problem of the two, so with that being said I already know this complaint will go nowhere.Minas Harutunian

This is why I have my own blog, to exploit all those fucked up people who are so corrupt and can’t do their job right!? Adrienne Sung lied to me and had this ugly bitch sign the evaluation report which is FRAUD because she was not the doctor I saw, it was Harutunian in the following picture, he was not only racist, but both doctors made derogatory personal comments attacking me which has nothing to do with an evaluation. Yet Margaret Donahue sends me a text, telling me if I want to complain to call Adrienne Sung, “Oh”, I will you cunt, but first I need to rip your name to shreds so everyone knows what scum you fucked up people really are, all working together for Social Security claiming to be a professional psychologist at Med Pro.Margret Donohue PH.D is a CUNT and SHIT doctor!!! NEVER TRUST THIS BITCH!

The woman who signed this notice was not the quack I saw in person, so I take that signature as FRAUD. This ignorant moron is signing this first notice which was my review from the quack I did see who was Minas Harutunian (he thinks he is a psychiatrist! Another Armenian in America!)  So I will continue to pursue my complaint, but what I need is a good Lawyer to SUE the fuck out of MED PRO!

It’s bad enough I had to deal with the corruption and lies from this fucked up agency and Social Security, now I have another piece of corruption with the Psychology Board, look at the following letter and how it was signed by NO ONE, no one and takes responsibility for what has happened. Or if the investigation will be done honestly? It won’t be, it’s just like traffic court the game is rigged!  Nothing will happen to these low-life mother fuckers, so please everyone who has dealt with these quacks please make serious complaints against these fucked up quacks they are not professional doctors at all!!  And Adrienne Sung is a corrupt dishonest CUNT!! Who runs this crap company and allows these bogus quacks to provide defamation reports against people. After I yelled at Adrienne about this, she just lied ad tried to correct the problem by resubmitting another signature, SORRY BITCH, you were too late, now everyone will know you are a dishonest CUNT.

These corrupt businesses seem to get away with so many lies and bullshit, while these quacks call themselves doctors who continue to provide poor service and lies of defamation of patients. Where is the protection for people against this corruption of medical services?  To make complaints against the agency “Board of Psychology”, contact Consumer Affairs to report it and they will show you where to make the complaint online. Or just go online and keep bashing them or join me we will form a lawsuit.