Bristol Farms Market Abuse – Racism

Bristol Farms Market Endorses Sexual Harassment and Racism. Bristol Farms market is a high-end store with low wages for employees who are mostly people of color and less than 10% whites working in the store. This company cheats on the consumer with extremely high prices. I should know I worked there. Management endorses sexual abuse, harassment, and racism against women of color.  The Beverly store makes about 2 million or more a year. And Tony McAndrew is the store manager at this location unless he was transferred out after reading my blog. Tony himself is an all-knowing prick who favors the white workers with decent wages and treats the rest of the workers like shit.

Tony has to keep that white woman he married happy or she won’t stay married to him for long. I have no doubt as soon as corporate reads my blog or some moron on Twitter, they’ll have a very clever comeback with an ignorant line of bullshit in the mix. Hey, knock yourself out!! I should have written this years ago.  I haven’t forgotten the corruption and rottenness that is founded within this business. Racism is abuse from management and customers, sexual harassment, and verbal abuse.

Oh, that’s right the founders were Left Hand Path Luciferian.  It’s the reason why the older phone system was 666 just for internal use. The problem with companies like this stems from poor management, in the corporate office, backstabbers, liars, and two face ass kissers who are some of the worst workers. Then you have certain people kissing ass to move up quickly. And store management who causes problems daily within the store instead of being a leader and providing support. The founders are all dead and had no understanding of true spiritualism, they just ignorantly assumed if they worshipped Lucifer in a demonic way they would be successful. It’s unfortunate that many idiots have this narrow-minded thinking. Lucifer is about liberation, this ancient God has been demonized by the ignorant world based on false beliefs and Christian views.

Regardless I came to work for this company with good intentions and I more than took pride in my work, I followed my supervisors and their work ethics, but in the end, I was used by Tony McAndrews and treated very badly, he refused to give me a raise when I asked him because only the white people get raises. Later he lied to me and refused to provide any help as I was busting my ass working a three-man job and I was only one person.  Only to end up physically injured and stressed out from abuse, the more I produced the more Tony demanded out of me I do more.  After my first 6 months of working in produce management finally had an orientation. This is how gross and incompetent these people are.  These types of meetings should take place after you are hired not 6 months later.

After falling out and injuring myself, Tony could have cared less, he quickly brought in three people to take over, instead of providing me help, on top of that he lied to me about my work schedule and other details that were important. See management had a bad habit of not training employees, or providing safety measures. Instead, they would force Daniel a co-worker to walk around and tell the employees we had to sign off on certain procedures or else.  I was continuously being threatened by Tony and Lizardo department manager and harassed by a number of other males at work. I was fed up with all their bullshit. I hired an attorney who never did a FUCKEN thing to help me, if anything she stabbed me in the back and helped out the adversary.

I walked away with more than a few grand in my pocket from this company after suing them. I sued because the manager Tony McAndrew’s refused to provide help for me as he was supposed to do. He couldn’t fill a specific position that consisted of a three-man job and I was the only person working it and providing high volume. My arm and hand turned physically crippled from repetitious work. I take pride in my work but being a woman of color working for the white man, they love treating us like shit and demanding, demanding, demanding!!! I was also sexually harassed by managers Estrada and Reyes. I should have received millions, but my lawyer was a cunt and wouldn’t do her fucken job, so I had to do it all myself. I had no idea how these types of cases work, so the insurance Bitch was blocking me from getting medical care, I was under so much stress, but in the end, I had nothing to lose, so I ripped into that CUNT at the corporate office and my case was then settled.

There was a brief moment before all this happened a young kid was helping me, but he didn’t care and was slow. He was also too busy screwing some of the girls, like Tyre Cruz (Solis), after a couple of months he walked out in the middle of a shift. So after breaking my back working 55 hours a week, pushing and lifting over 50 lbs of fruit, packaging, producing, and pricing this shit, the manager Tony was a pig not to provide me with a raise. Let me think of his words, “I don’t like giving raises, because people don’t do their job”. Amazing this white racist mother fucker had the nerve to tell me that. Well let me be just as considerate to you Tony, maybe you should stop stealing money from the store or feeding managers leftovers from the kitchen during a meeting, maybe you should stop cheating on your wife with customers who are barely 18 or are younger? YOU RACIST FUCK!

This piece of shit is a fucken low degrading cock sucker. This racist fuck, sucks dick to the VP Adam Caldecott to keep his job! I’m the only person that stuck it out doing this work!!! Tony is the ungrateful employer who needs to be fired!!!! HEY TONY GO FUCK YOURSELF!  MAYBE YOUR WIFE SHOULD KNOW OF YOUR EXTRA MARTIAL AFFAIRS? WHAT DO YOU THINK? Tony McAndrew has never worked a day in his life, he is too busy being a racist and talking shit about Mexican people who work here providing low pay, and endorsing discriminating tactics. Tony is the kind of person who APPEARS to work and takes credit for the labor other people do. He is a racist boss!  He is no man just a worthless white trash fuck!

Let me just say, Tony takes the $500 cash he is given from Adam Caldecott and pockets the money. He serves the managers food from the kitchen, when in fact he is supposed to pay for a catered luncheon during the monthly meetings!  This is what a pig he really is!! The male managers are never punished, but the female workers are transferred out to another location or fired when sexual harassment becomes a problem and is exploited!  Too many workers are being harassed and having sexual affairs with customers and co-workers.

However, it didn’t seem to bother Tony to give the baker a raise of several dollars, but then he’s white. Also Ashley, the 400-pound whale who sat on her fat ass making price signs all day. That fat bitch never did any labor and Tony gives her an office and her own desk. How kind, she is also white. Yet I am treated like shit working in the hardest department alone with no support. 

Let me not forget he also paid Tyre Cruz (Solis), more than she deserved. Tyre was just hired coming in and making $15.00 an hour. This person called off 3 times her first week, usually came to work hung over, and spent a great deal of time fraternizing with the guy from produce (who walked out).  Tyre was also having an affair with Manager Mazin (who is married with kids). When co-workers and managers start having sexual relations in the workplace, it’s a serious problem. Mazin also had a sexual affair with a girl named Jessica, who was trying to become a part of management, but instead, she was fired!!

Evidently, a manager by the name of Lizardo Estrada in the produce department was notorious for sexual harassment. He made a habit of sneaking up behind women and hitting on female customers. Several young women complained about Lizardo. At one point, soon after a meeting took place with only managers allowed about this very subject. By chance, Lizardo was scheduled to have the day off.  How convenient. Several young women complained about Lizardo, but nothing transpired from it. It’s only a spanking for the men, but the women were transferred out or fired!!  Sofia Vergara shitty actressLet me add do you know this actress?  Frankly, she sucks but was at Bristol’s one day and Lizardo said she was a stuck-up bitch, maybe Lizardo doesn’t she doesn’t like you hitting on her with your cheap tactics! Grow up and stop harassing women, you do have a wife at home. hey let me send her the news maybe she isn’t aware that her husband is a PIG!

Lizardo is also married and lives with his wife and mother in Pasadena, but he’s not the only manager soliciting women. Mr. Reyes of the Deli department also enjoys sexually harassing women. During a time of my employment, he was fooling around with a young girl, but Reyes’s wife found out, comes to the store, and starts to fight with the young woman. It was a really big scene, really big:”-) She was gone, nothing happened to Reyes of course. He’s been there for 20 years if they fired him he could sue them for breach. These men still work at the Beverly Hills location at 9039.

A company can’t watch everyone’s behaviors, but when management behaves and lies to cover up the wrong, there is no trust. However, I have plenty of anger to put you on blast and Bristol’s you deserve every bit of embarrassment and marks on your reputation.

This company is extremely corrupt on so many levels. They once told this worker Carolyn to not report her injury and they paid her $500 in cash. An object fell on her arm, it was in a cast and she still worked. Bristol Farms of Beverly Hills cheats on the consumer daily, they have sales BUT IT’S ALL A SCAM the prices are raised only to appear as if you are saving money, but you’re really not!!! Kiss my Ass Tony McAndrews I pray you catch a disease and your dick falls off!!!!

Shop smart do not pay for overpriced items, they are ripping you off! Fuck off Bristol Farms!