Black Is Beautiful

Patricia Lynn Asher Says Black is Beautiful, she just Needs the Approval. I’m not here to disagree with her statement, but she needs approval.

Some people want to believe “racism” doesn’t exist in today’s modern western culture. However, it’s my view as well as my experience that “racism” exists more than ever. It exists in the smallest doses in a greater quantity of human behavior.

Especially those of white human behavior with a great deal of contradiction and hypocrisy attached to it because, in the end, those white people are really not as good as they think they are. As children are growing up parents don’t teach us what “racism” is, (maybe because they don’t understand as well). They are all too familiar only with the abuse that comes attached to it.

Yet a person quickly learns through harsh negative and sometimes physical and verbal abusive experiences how deeply it affects us emotionally and mentally. Growing up our neighbors Greg and Donna Asher (deceased) who lived in Friendly Hills. Which is uptown Whittier, Ca are typical all American white family gone diversified.

I can recall a number of times Donna running over to our home to ask my mother for answers to questions on raising her kids. Which she couldn’t figure out on her own (typical white person, needs someone else to explain it to her).

Also, a number of moments she was a real bitch to me because it pleased her to pick on a kid who wasn’t white skinned. However years passed and one day the phone rings it was her lovely daughter Pattie Asher, blonde hair, blue eye bitch who decides to call my mother (being her Godmother) to be seeking approval again.

Her attitude at that moment when I answered the phone she behaved like a snotty shit, she’s always been. an attitude of being better than other people. Her nasty voice in how she spoke to me defined her true character, which is none. I soon hung up on her since I felt I had the choice of not subjecting myself to her ignorant bullshit.

Low and behold years later that same blonde bitch shacks up with a black kid from Oakland, Ca who was beating her up at one point and later got her pregnant (whom she was in love with). This was so amazingly wonderful just to know she had a very rude awakening in her life only to end with her father Greg Asher disowning her as his daughter.

Greg was so bothered by this entire situation he never again spoke to Patti (his daughter).  Just as he never spoke to his only sister who married a black man years prior. Honestly, I like Greg Asher as a person he used to make me laugh; he had no problem with us Mexican folks, but he still knew he had the greater privilege (which of course is an illusion). Funny, how it’s only a concept. Yet when it came to black folk he was a racist as Hitler was toward the Jews.

I guess I have to admit it’s terrible of me to silently mock the unwanted Ms. Asher as she sat at my parents table the last time I saw her trying to convince everyone in the room that “black is beautiful”. However, she deserves what she got, the rude awakening. But in turn why? she came over was not because she really wanted to visit. It was because she needed my mother’s approval. She needed it because she wasn’t getting it from her own parents.

Now don’t misunderstand my words, I am not belittling the fact she is being mistreated by her boyfriend, no female deserves that. Frankly, I could care less what type of man she dates, it’s her fucked up attitude that pisses me off.

What I am talking about is all the times this ratchet little bitch behaved the way she did to me for no apparent reason than just to be nasty as she chooses like her mother Donna did. (Her underlying racist attitude no one speaks of).

The uncanny remarks, the put-downs, the mocking and white dominating attitude towards a kid of color (me) and for what? This bitch didn’t know any more than I did at the same age. Now she is getting a taste of her own medicine from her own father, who disowned her, was now a harsh reality to cope with.

Of course, she was still a snotty little cunt, but her demeanor was different in some way that particular day, she was embarrassed and felt ashamed. Her insecurities had surfaced more than ever from her own personal circumstances she had no control over. What I will say on a positive note is her mother was there to help from a tragic abusive situation and Patti gave birth to a healthy and beautiful little girl. 

Jeff Asher Racists

Patti Asher’s brother Jeff Asher of Whittier, Ca another racist’s ignorant asshole who talk shit about people on “welfare” without knowing the facts or politics behind it. Yet Jeff forgets the only reason he has a job is because of his father Greg. Jeff was busted for trafficking drugs with a friend and did 3 years in prison before he went to work for his father. Jeff your just uneducated white trash.

Tip of the Day, the IMMIGRANTS OF ASIAN decent who come here to this country are ALLOWED to apply for CAPI at the Welfare office. The State of California has no problem giving these IMMIGRANTS money being IMMIGRANTS. They have NO CITIZENSHIP, their kids have them collect it and its over $1000 a month, that is more than any single mother will get.  The USA Corp is very RACIST and allows millions of IMMIGRANTS TO COLLECT WELFARE at the Expense OF TAX PAYERS!  I know this since I once worked for the department. So before you talk shit, get your facts straight!!!