Banking System is FRAUD

The banking system is FRAUD, lets examine this, the entire fucken world is Fraud, is it NOT? Money IS NOT REAL. It only seems real as the human mind is easily condition to believing it is. We as a human race are forced to pay for every fucken thing we need and desire. Fruit is a natural source, water, the sun, yet I have to pay for the food that grows on a tree, the water that flows in the streams, electricity that comes from the sun. Why? 

The WHITE MAN, the animal who believes he is better, who believes he is privileged, the white skin mother fucker who is best known as a convicted criminal of money laundering, child trafficking. The white man who sits in the White House and in politics and lies to himself the world doesn’t matter unless you possess all the money and steal most of it from those who work hard THROUGH TAXATION (THE BIGGEST BANKING SCAM). 

The WHITE MOTHER FUCKER who started the civil war and killed many indigenous people. The WHITE EUROPEANS who killed indigenous here on American soil because they’re running from their crimes, their greed and sins thinking no one will know me if I escape change my name and lie…..well their behavior didn’t change as the same crimes were committed again, now in America.

The world is based on lies and crimes but everyone is GUILTY all those PIOUS PRICKS who work in banking, all those who commit slavery (Jeff Bezos) and want their employees in cages ARE GUILTY!!!! Of killing people, hurting people and just their FUCKEN GREED!!! See how the EGO is the dangerous attribute of the human spirit?

Recently I have encountered someone who is committing FRAUD in my name using my information and its in the BANKING SECTOR.  A few days ago I noticed “The WOMEN’S FOUNDATION”on my account and when I called MY BANK numerous times because customer service is a fucken joke. Finally customer service admits to me there where several “declined transactions” in this company name CONEKTA, they list themselves on SHOPIFY as ANTIFRAUD and yet they are committing FRAUD in my bank account, hilarious. They are a software company.FRAUD SOFTWARE COMPANY

So I asked customer service is this bank related to this software company? “He say, no, not really”. What the fuck does that mean, either you are or your not? Then he says well we have seen this with other customers. What? And your not fucken telling me, but yet I see WOMEN’S FOUNDATION?

I have to assume it all at this point that the bank is in co-hoots with this company CONEKTA.  I was more pissed that my bank refuses to show those declined transactions on my account. They are hiding the transactions. Instead I see WOMEN’S FOUNDATION, in its place which has nothing to do with it because I called and spoke to them.  So these people are being victimized in a FRAUD scheme to. This is not the first time this has happened.  At this point I needed to change my bank account and this is where it gets worse.  I go to Union Bank and find out this credit union called Patelco Credit Union has reported my name under another name on chex systems. I have never fucken used a CREDIT UNION in my entire life!!! And in the amount of .01 cent and $1.00

I have called Patelco Credit Union and spoke to a Fiona but she is sitting on her ass waiting for JOE BLOW to return from his vacation to know what to do, she works at the bank and she has no idea what the fuck to do. BRILLIANT KOREANS, they are slaves and robots to the WHITE RACE and STILL NEED TO ANSWER TO THEM IN UNDERSTANDING HOW TO DO THEIR FUCKEN JOB.  Yet she wanted my social security, yeah I don’t think so BITCH!!!   UPDATE Someone did steal my social security to open an account at the Patelco Credit Union. Make sure I don’t find you mother fucker! PAY ATTENTION TO CREDIT REPORTS AND CHEX SYSTEMS.

SOMEONE is trying to get a fucken account under my name. I don’t clearly understand how these fucken banks who are committing FRAUD think its okay to fuck me and yet the FBI doesn’t do SHIT!!! I called those MOTHER FUCKERS and I get some CUNT #9243 ON THE PHONE WHO REFUSED TO GIVE HER NAME!!! SO KISS MY ASS MOTHER FUCKERS!!!KISS MY ASS MOTHER FUCKERS


These fucken banks are the MOTHER FUCKERS committing FRAUD, and THEFT. Now my account shows different as WOMEN’S FOUNDATION HAS DISAPPEARED. WOMEN’S FOUNDATION IS A VICTIM OF BANK FRAUD. MY BANK IS USING THEIR NAME TO COVER UP THE SCAM THEY ARE PULLING OFF WITH CONEKTA. THERE IS A GOOD POSSIBILITY GO BANK IS A PART OF ALL OF THIS WITH BOTH THE PATELCO AND CONEKTA. I’M GOING TO FIND OUT AND WHEN I DO SOMEONE IS GOING TO GET THEIR ASS BEAT AND HARD. Later on I found out my nephew Anthony Contreras lied about his marriage  status with a young women named “April Pacis, who opened a bank account with this very same credit union.GO BANK IS COMMITTING FRAUD