Antonia Velarde Contreras

Antonia Velarde Contreras can only be described as the CHRISTIAN CUNT who is highly insecure with herself, being a Christian Hypocrite takes skill and not much talent. Let me shed some light on this two face Devil who claims her Christianity is above the rest. Once upon a time, this 15-year-old, insecure bitch met her (now husband) at the age of 13, she was a high school dropout and knocked up by 15 years of age. Tony Contreras her husband should have gone to prison since he was 18 at the time, that behavior is considered “statutory rape”.  Unfortunately, he wasn’t arrested but should have been.

However, Tony and Tonia being as STUPID as can be, get married after getting pregnant. This no-job loser joins the Army only to run off to Germany like two dumb kids and here comes another baby on the way. No tools in life, no guidance or preparation, no money, no prospects. Actually, they had two kids when they left for Germany, yeah the kids kept coming. Fast forward, once they returned back to the States, they were broke with nothing, because they didn’t save “a dime” during the time they were gone. The military pays for living expenses on top of a salary and it surprises me Tonia didn’t save money considering how CHEAP she is.

Both Tony and Tonia return back to the States and her husband leaves the ARMY with no job lined up and no money, they lived in poverty for a long time and were living back home with our parents, with more fucken kids. My father was continuously helping them with money since her loser husband couldn’t support his own family. Including paying for his WARRANTS!! Is this a man? No, it’s not. Too many people in a small home causes friction, sometimes they lived with the in-laws, but it was the same problem. Eventually, his parents lost their home because they couldn’t manage their own money and had to move to a small apartment until they both died! TONY-CONTRERAS-PRICK

At some point in their lives, her husband decides to confess his sins to the LORD and was reborn, well it certainly didn’t stop this loser from taking my father’s money and never thanking him, stealing thousands of dollars, and never repaying my father back. You know those Christians who enjoy stealing with NO CONVICTION, it’s the GIVING part they have a problem with. Soon after her stupid husband day takes Tonia by the hand and drags her down the church altar, but this time it’s to save her soul, (this is where he makes an honest woman of her). Tonia was 20 years old and had another kid.

Now they had four kids and Tony had no JOB, no MONEY, and was sponging off of my parents. Tony was a LOSER who couldn’t support his own family.  Yet Tonia gave his parents more respect than she did my father. Her in-laws were morons who couldn’t manage a checkbook and her sister-in-law Irene was an idiot marrying the wrong men all the time, right out of prison. I’m going to continue to exploit this cunt on behalf of my father!!  Tonia was so disrespectful to my father numerous times, screaming and yelling at him when he asked for payment. 

All the many times this bitch, insulted our brother Jack and when you do that, you insult our mother, but Tonia didn’t care, she is a whore and loser, who was always asking for money because that whore was too lazy to work. Hell, she even bothered me to buy the kid’s school clothes with my credit cards and I once had to pay her rent because her loser husband couldn’t put food on the table. Oh and let’s not forget how she used Debra for money numerous times when she had her 4th kid Melissa. Tonia used Debra’s health insurance going under her name so the insurance would pay for her hospital care. Tonia has taken advantage of everyone and given nothing in return. She is a liar, uses people for money and now she brags how well she is doing financially after stealing my father’s house and cheating our mother of $250,000.00 dollars taken off the cost of the house my father purchased because she can’t afford a $700,000 house and she is a CHEAP BITCH!!!!CHRISTIAN CUNT TONIA VELARDE CONTRERAS

Don’t forget to go to church and GOD will provide. Yeah, at the expense of everyone else, because you’re a fucken thief and ungrateful cunt who takes, takes, takes, and never returns.  Well, maybe Tonia you should have gotten off your fat ass and asked that racist bitch who is a 400-pound whale “sister Patti”. Why not ask her for money,? The church supported the entire preacher’s family but refused to help the community when they were hoarding donations from retail stores worth thousands of dollars. I once asked them for help with a light Bill and Pattie was a total CUNT to me, but she had another stranger call me back to say NO! That fat BITCH is not woman enough to tell me herself!  This country is based on Christianity what a joke. I rather serve Lucifer!

Let me describe some of her actions of ungrateful behavior she had every time my father told her to re-pay him the money she owed. Once my father called Tonia to let her know he wants payment. This bitch starts screaming at my father and refused to do so. Another time my mother made the mistake of buying her a car because her husband is a loser who couldn’t afford to. Tonia would never allow my mother to drive the van. What happened soon after, a hit-and-run ruined the car, why? When people don’t deserve something it turns into salt!  Tonia Velarde Contreras, I pray your scumbag rapist husband drops dead of a heart attack! I pray you lose every dime you have and end up on the street. I rather see my father’s house go to the bank than you, you thief! 

Tonia Contreras has a long list of convictions. Tonia believes in her own mind she is NOT responsible for anything, but hey that’s why I’m here to remind you BITCH. Let’s begin with Jack our brother, your hatred and contempt towards him, your jealousy to be mean and abusive towards a child at the time after all our parents did for your IGNORANT ass. Remember when you talked shit about how you were surprised he received good grades? And here you are, a high school dropout who was pregnant at 15, you never went back to school did you?  Or how about the time your friend Rachel trusted you to care for her son Jerry, who was just 2 years old and your were so abusive to him and forcing Jerry to eat Valerie’s leftovers, forcing him to take a nap all fucken day. I’m glad Rachel stopped you from watching Jerry. I told her of your abuse!  While we’re on the subject I’m aware of how you treated my kids when I trusted you, but let me just say this you STUPID BITCH, it’s not my responsibility to tell you about the FUCKEN IRS and how you need to report your income when filing taxes when being paid for a job!

While we’re speaking about jobs, when have you ever fucken worked? Never until you were what?  40 or 50 years old? Now you think your shit doesn’t stink and you have more money than Debra?  Maybe you should pay her back for all you took? SHE IS A cunt JUST THE SAME, but you still begged for money, didn’t you? How about when Debra paid for your hospital bills when you had Melissa, because your husband was a loser he had no insurance. Debra should have let you die.  I guess it was much easier to steal money from my father until the day he died and everyone else!!!  Now you steal my father’s house manipulating our senile mother and cheating her out of the sale of the property without an appraisal. What is it $250,000 less than the asking price?


Let’s talk about all the money you have taken from everyone over the years, begging me to pay your rent, because your loser husband is useless, or when my father paid for his warrants so the Army wouldn’t find out, did Tony ever say thank you? HELL NO he wasn’t man enough to ask my father or speak to him why would he say “Thank You”? No, you did all the talking so your scum bag husband could hide like a bitch in the house.  Just like the time you did when I told his ass off.

You’re a COWARD!!! I got into an argument with that asshole husband of yours, you weren’t woman enough to come out, were you? You certainly had no problem going behind my back to our mother and questioning what I do for work. Unlike you who never worked, just sat on your FAT ASS watching Jerry Springer. Tell you what BITCH why don’t you ask me yourself because you didn’t have a problem asking for my credit cards to buy your fucken kids’ school clothes. Why didn’t you ask the church? Ask Sister Pattie, since they’re so good at taking thousands of dollars in donations, hoarding everything.  When have you ever done anything for anybody Tonia? You’re a CHEAP ASS HOE! Are you going to pay my rent BITCH??

Why didn’t you ask your FUCKEN CHURCH for money?  They have no problem stealing money every fucken day, passing the basket around. Oh, I forgot FAT ASS SISTER PATTI and HER SCUM BAG HUSBAND steal that cash to pay their bills and mortgage.  Hey, you should have lived with them. Typical white people are too lazy to work, that’s why it pays to be a minister. Let’s see, asking Mom to buy you a car and NEVER letting her drive it, but you ruined her CREDIT!!! asking Debra, stealing from my father, you’re a fucken thief, Tonia, that’s what you are a fucken cunt and a thief. Why? didn’t you ask Irene your CUNT sister-in-law or Henrietta FOR MONEY? You think so much of these asshole people than you had any respect for my father or our mother. You never did shit for either one of them, just take and take. You a nasty rotten CUNT !!!FUCKEN-PRICK TONY CONTRERAS IS A THIEF

While we’re on the subject of that husband of yours, how many times has he cheated with no discretion of his infidelities? I know it’s always the woman’s fault, not your husband, he’s a weak-minded asshole. Just like the times, he stuck his tongue down Debra’s throat by assaulting her, or the time she took the kids swimming and walked over to the pool in her bathing suit. Tony ran out the front door because he couldn’t contain the erection in his pants, instead of blaming your husband, you blamed Debra and she had no idea of what happened. That’s a man, always thinking with his dick. You should know.

While we’re on the subject of that husband of yours, how many times has he cheated with no discretion of his infidelities? I know it’s always the woman’s fault, not your husband, he’s a weak-minded asshole. Just like the times, he stuck his tongue down Debra’s throat by assaulting her, or the time she took the kids swimming and walked over to the pool in her bathing suit.

Tony ran out the front door because he couldn’t contain the erection in his pants, instead of blaming your husband, you blamed Debra and she had no idea of what happened. You always think you are right and everyone else is wrong. That’s a man, always thinking with his dick. You should know. Your not, you’re a loser with no education. In the 40 fucken years you have been married your loser of a husband couldn’t buy you a house?  You had to steal my father’s?

I won’t ever forget the many betrayals, NASTY REMARKS, and ongoing GREED that stirs deep in your SOUL BITCH! Your nothing, you’re a CUNT who is a high school dropout with too many kids you could do nothing for. Both of you failed at parenthood, but I guess KARMA bit you in the ASS having to raise your grandson since your CUNT DAUGHTER VALERIE doesn’t want the responsibility. See what happens when you favor the wrong kid. Next time this whore wants to talk shit about me, tell her to say it to my face? Not to the Douchebag Richard she fucked!!!  Unless she is a COWARD like her BITCH OF A MOTHER!!   I don’t care what you think of me, I really don’t because my intelligence reaches further than yours ever will. You’re a loser, Tonia!!! You’re a Thief and a Christian Hypocrite Cunt!!! I’ll be waiting for you in the VOID, you’re not making it to Heaven I promise as it doesn’t exist.

You are NOT going to profit from my Father’s HOUSE BITCH!  I am aware of your thoughts thinking when mom dies your going to sell it and move on, I don’t think so, it will NEVER HAPPEN BITCH!!!  Oh, I forgot that’s what your scumbag cheating husband expressed to the wrong person, but I guess it benefited me knowing, didn’t it?  BTW How is Anthony is he still married to that skank Norma? Or is it someone else? The bitch who stole my father’s house!!!ANTHONY CONTRERAS IS NOT MARRIED TO APRIL PACIA CONTRERAS...ITS FRAUD!!!

Not to worry my Pact with the DEVIL is Assured. Your days are numbered of Financial Ruin when your family begins to fall from the face of the earth, one by one, and you’re on the street without a dime!! You Greedy Whore.  If you notice the image to the right is a credit union account. It was opened in my nephew’s name and also maybe a relative (NOT HIS WIFE) April Pacia Contreras. Let me remind everyone it’s ILLEGAL to be married to two people at the same time.  It’s called BIGAMY!!!! Anthony lives in El Paso Texas with Norma.  He has three houses with a fraud notary stating April Contreras has no claim on the house he has purchased. If Norma his legal wife had any brains in her head she could SUE Anthony for the FRAUD he just committed and have a notary lie that he and April are married.

Here is proof of documentation that another woman claiming to be Anthony Contreras’s wife April Pacia is committing FRAUD by signing this document indicating she will not have anything to do with his personal property of owning three homes. It’s all FRAUD because I know for a fact being my blood relative he is not legally married to April Pacia,ANTHONY CONTRERAS COMMITTS FRAUD

Anthony is still legally married to Norma. Norma and Anthony have two sons.  Frankly, I think Norma is incredibly stupid if she is agreeing to this or is too dumb to know her name is not on community property since Anthony purchased the homes after he was married to Norma and they have been together for over 20 years. Now why he married that skank I’ll never understand it, he could have done better, but whatever. What pisses me off is not that my nephew is trying to deceive his skanky wife, but since Anthony has three homes why didn’t he rent one of his houses to his fucked up low life degrading parents so that his cunt of a mother Antonia wouldn’t be stealing my fathers home?  I’m going to get you, Tonia. You are nothing but a thief and whore. Do you think I haven’t forgotten all this shit you did bitch?

All the money you owed my father and never paid back because you the loser of a husband couldn’t support your stupid ass. All these years you have been married you low-life cunt and you couldn’t buy your own home? Why don’t you go ask your church for money to buy a house? Maybe you should ask that fat-ass sister Patti you think so much of. Ask them to help pay your bills bitch. You owe many people money including MYSELF you fat-ass Christian whore. You and your fucked up religious bullshit and you are just a common thief and liar. And your no-good husband who isn’t worth a fuck, with his marital affairs and the many times he sexually harassed Deborah. You’re going to get yours for everything you have done, you’re not going to skate you worthless BITCH!!!