Anna Nicole Smith is a Legend

Just the other night I watched Anna Nicole Smith on Netflix and the movie was not as good as it should have been. It was half-baked with a number of people each speaking about Anna and the experiences they shared with her. Yet the movie indicated her mother Virgie was some kind of saint, but Anna gave a different story in many interviews. There was so much more footage of Anna that should have been shown. I distinctly recall Anna stating in an interview that after she left with her son Daniel when he was only 6 months old she went home to her mother and Virgie because she needed her help, but Vergie told her she wasn’t welcomed back and closed the door in her face. This was the main reason why she found herself at the club stripping. She needed money and fast. Frankly, I found the series to have so many contradictions and they never showed proof of the court hearings. In the beginning, you see how she started off living in Mexica Texas I DON’T BLAME HER LEAVING. That town was depressing, hell I would have left too.

From the start, she was a lonely kid and the movie implied she was sexually abused as a child, which might be true although her family denies it, most people in society have been sexually abused which is too hurtful to speak on the reason many people live in denial. Yet there is a big gap between Virgie not mentioning the father of why they split, to begin with, but later on, when Anna meets her real father for the first time, he tries to “fuck her” later after she took him out to the Playboy Mansion and they spent the day together. Her real father was sick FUCK! That was the last time she saw him and never wanted to speak about him again, so if Anna was sexually abused, Gee I wonder by who? Maybe the father, it makes me curious since the mother hid that secret away, maybe it was the reason Virgie became a cop.Hefner and Anna Nicole Smith

Fast forward, after stripping at the club and getting a breast enhancement she meets the old man Marshall, an oil Tycoon (I wish I had one)! Now is where the fun begins, but before we get into that, how many times was she in Playboy, 5 times? As for Hefner, he is such a cheap bastard back in the day, I knew for a fact he only paid $5000 no matter who the woman was. He was that cheap, he actually admitted this on television.  I also find it interesting his body language is distant in the photo, Well he’s looking at somebody and you can see his eyes wandering, but this man was not who you think he was. All that blonde pussy made him wander too much. I had a friend named Jesse Adams many years ago, he was in the presence of Hefner and this fuck asked Jesse to find him a young black guy. He did introduce him to someone and didn’t see the guy for weeks. When Jesse finally got a hold of him he asked if he was alright since he never heard back. The young man replied he entertained Hefner for the last three weeks. Okay let’s just get to the meat and potatoes, who cares if she was a gold digger, what Bitch isn’t, please. Who doesn’t want to be financially set for life? I know I do, hell if I could find an old man like that I would marry him too, but the son Pierce was a pain in the ass.  Frankly, I think Pierce enjoyed hurting his father with his own past resentment since Marshall was too old to fight back.  J Howard Marshall and Handsome Oil TycoonMarshall had another son he no longer spoke to and was cut from his WILL entirely (which anyone can contest in court).  After Pierce died all that fucken cash went to Pierce, but he didn’t live long after his last judgment was to go to the Supreme Court soon after he died. So another relative got the pot of gold and soon after that Anna Nicole died. Just look at J. Howard Marshall when he was young, he was handsome, and a stern man you can see it in his eyes. He is my kind of man I love the way he looks in the photo. Now to find myself a Tycoon.

J. Marshall was married twice and after his second wife’s death, he previously had met another stripper (Geez I am hanging out at the wrong places). Her name was Lady Diana I think she later died too, but Marshall spoiled her as well prior to Anna. So his son Pierce already knew his father’s needs, why the movie said he complained about it? If he didn’t like taking shit from his father then why stick around? He could have left anytime and made his own way, but he never did and why? All that MONEY!!!. His father earned all that money and was old, he deserved happiness until he died. What The Fuck, who cares why not spoil these women, so what if he spends all his cash on pussy, that’s his right. In the end, NO ONE WON everyone died fighting, and for what?Lady Diana Walker Met Marshall at a Strip Club

It’s really unfortunate that Anna allowed her drug problems to stand in the way of a promising future, she had so many opportunities, just for being beautiful and blonde. Yet the movie indicates everything she did was for her son Daniel yet she never stopped to think how her life of drug abuse impacted him. Daniel could see his mother was always high and yet everyone in her life allowed it, enabled her, and never once told her to stop with the drugs. Instead, everyone is guilty of helping her out and getting prescriptions that should have never been filled including the doctors.  Doctors have become the biggest problem, even today in hospitals, dentists too are guilty of prescribing heavy prescriptions to patients.

Doctors getting kickbacks and big “PHARMA” wants Dentists and Doctors to get people hooked on drugs this is why if you need their help, they will prescribe heavy meds to you. I have encountered this but I usually just throw it away. If I have pain I use other methods that are natural or just take an Advil. I once witnessed a doctor in the emergency of St. Judd in Fullerton say to this woman who was in bad shape. “Oh, do you need OxyContin”? She responded, yes. Obviously, he knew her personally and she was going through withdrawals. I couldn’t believe it, he should have been arrested for that shit. Irresponsibility and contributing to drug addiction.Anna's Home in Studio City

Anna was a beautiful woman but she was young, naïve, and wasn’t smart enough to pay attention to the people who were using her and her drug problems took over her life as they would for anyone.  In the movie, it says she never received a dime of money other than 14 million during the time she spent with Marshall, which is a lot of cash, but she did win a judgment of 88 million dollars and the son Pierce appealed to the Supreme Court which he never actually attended because he too died, this is why I believed she won that judgment, but the movie differs. This was told so many times before she died and after she died. A reason why everyone was going after the baby was because of the money. It’s a huge contradiction.  Yet supposedly Larry the father moved into Anna’s home with the daughter later after Anna died, now how can he afford that if there was no money? Birkhead is a sleazy son of bitch and no better than the number of people who took advantage of Anna. Let me point out this scumbag made claims he and Anna lived together for two years.  Really? And all that fucken time you didn’t notice her taking drugs and growing a belly? Or is the media lying?  The entire movie was a joke, but  Larry being a shit father and pimping out his daughter to fall into the shadow of her mother is disgusting.

Nothing like pimping out your child to turn a buck!!  Isn’t it like a white man who is a big piece of shit just like Anna’s father was towards his daughter, which broke her heart? What the Fuck look at Danny Lynn she is still a child and her father Birkhead has her pimped out with all that makeup and hair. Yeah, I’m sure the pedophiles love that. The movie was low-budget and a disgraceful film, which confirms in my mind the entire industry promotes this fucked up behavior!

Danny Lynn is not her MOTHER STOP dressing her like she is. She’s a child NOT A GROWN WOMAN, BIRKHEAD IS A PIG FOR DOING THIS!!!