Angry Girl Rants is just about my personal thoughts and critical opinions, see I use this blog as my personal therapy, it’s a healthy outlet and prevents me from kicking that person RIGHT IN THE ASS to avoid jail. People in society try to make me feel bad for who I am, but frankly, I don’t give a FUCK!!  Anger is a healthy emotion regardless of popular opinion. The only reason those ass-wads talk shit about how inappropriate it is is they themselves are living in DENIAL!  Plus women are never supposed to be angry, we are supposed to be nice, sweet, understanding, and quiet and do what we are told. Yeah, what the FUCK EVER…I DON’T CARE WHAT OTHERS THINK OR SAY. It’s not inappropriate TO BE ANGRY as long as you release it in a healthy manner and don’t end up like the UNI BOMBER. Remember that guy? White Anger!

This blog has much human exploitation for those who deserve a dose of ass-kicking, but I’m now working towards more news media and will be providing information for women with resources. Unfortunately, I am a one-man show, so be patient I’ll get there. There are many subjects women and young girls should talk about and don’t. If there wasn’t so much competition and jealousy among females and the support was there, there would be more sisterhood in society. The real problem is the lack of communication among people which no one practices anymore as cell phones are a distraction among humans.ANGIRLFEMINIST.COM IS A RADICAL WHO SCREAMS AT POLITICIANS AND EVEYRONE WHO PISSES ME OFF!

As for parents do any of them talk to their daughters about life, drugs, men, and menopause? Or fathers to their sons? Probably not and don’t think rich kids have it better than working-class kids, they don’t. Rich parents don’t teach their kids anything! Rich brats only grow up to be like their shit parents and most of the time it’s never good. They can be just as ignorant, narrow-minded, and clueless as their parents. So don’t look up to them.

Every day I see young women going through the same emotions of stress and frustration I once did and I’m sure it’s not any easier. Especially when I see them pregnant. I’m sure there is more unaccountability since the internet, which in turn is a double-edged sword of valuable information, but also filled with so much corruption and poor influences young people should not be subjected to.

Just be a critical thinker when taking advice, and always seek a second opinion, be careful with family influence taking you down the road of their choice. However, if you don’t trust outsiders or your best friend then you can weigh out the pros and cons and come to a decision of your own. Remember whatever the problem is, it’s your life and you have to live with the decisions you make. So trust in yourself and do what’s best for you.

For now, I shut off the comments section because of the ongoing spam I was receiving and numerous people writing in foreign languages I couldn’t understand, but feel free to email me your thoughts and concerns. My email: is just no spamming, please.  As for the resource pages I am working on those and gathering as much information as possible, so please be patient with me I should be done in a month or two I will send out a newsletter when I am done with it.

I’m just working hard to create something that my blog will be worth viewing. I enjoy writing and expressing my thoughts, it’s a good way to release emotions and tell the world how you feel. What takes up my time are additional short stories I also work on as I will be publishing within the next year. I came to the decision to be a writer on a professional level, so to be good a person has to write, write, and more write, I need all the practice I can get. Some of my most admired writers are, of course, Stephen King, Bell Hooks, and really anyone who has an amazing imagination, with a dose of reality as the twist, because for the story to be believable you have to see it as unbelievable!!!

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