Recently I had an experience with FedEx at their print store location in City of Industry, I gave an order over the phone, a kid named Issac took the order and when I picked it up, I questioned the charges and this kid tells me, “oh Issac did the order”, it turns out, he was Issac. He financially cheated me on the cost and over charged me. I complained to the manager she didn’t care and lied to cover it up. It took a lot of yelling at employees to let me speak to management. Michael Mata, he is also very deceiving.  Listen to what he did here on the podcast.


Fuck Corrupt America Since the white man started killing Indigenous people, white washing and imposing their corrupt mentality on the rest of us. This land the white man calls America has taken a major nose dive into hell. We live in hell because of the fucked up white race, the poison of this earth. The venom of GOD. They are what has erupted everyone’s way of living. It’s time to take a stand as a nation and crush the ELITES, ANNIHILATE THE RACISM AND ABUSE!

Evil lives in the hearts of the Human Race

Evil is in the top positions of false Governments and Law Enforcement is where “evil” lives in the hearts and minds of men. It grows, it breathes, it replicates, it abuses and kills every day people and there is no justification for MURDER!!!! You Christians are the biggest HYPOCRITES and are more concerned with how much money you take, then correcting Error. Judges are bribed so white people get away with MURDERING their kids, cops lie in court to steal monies from citizens and WHITE people abuse their children, molest and MURDER their kids more than any other race, EVIL lives in humans.


Corrupt America and All Nations
America is infested with violence, financial corruption and abuse in society and with law enforcement and all agencies of law enforcement. Military corruption, murdering people to cover up the evil that has been plagued in these organizations. People lie to themselves of how special they are and their bullshit positions when if fact they are fucken liars and scam artist defrauding the system we live under, stealing the worlds wealth through false taxation and false revenue. White Collar Criminals.
Corrupt California part 1


Corrupt America and All Nations
On this podcast I will be exploiting the corruption that continues within our system with false taxation, law enforcement, politics, the crimes the elites are getting away with when they need severe punishment. White people who murder and are set free, corrupt paid judges taking bribes. Parole officers who are over paid and harassing families and people who are being incarcerated are in a slave system. White oppression needs to stop. As a nation we need to push the elites.
Corrupt California part 2


San Diego Oppression and Abuse

San Diego was the worst experience of my life. I witnessed ongoing physical and emotional abuse from cops, security guards, restaurant owners, people working in markets, people working at the train station. Blacks and Mexicans are abused daily, the drugs are pumped into the county to hurt people and in incarcerate as many people as possible. Save Yourself!


Spectrum Corporate Corruption

Corporate Corruption is more common than people realize and they have the advantage of stealing from consumers on a daily basis. Spectrum over bills consumers and has their method of cheating you. I never received the credit I was suppose to get on my bill. And the cable cords were cut on purpose when I made a transfer so they company could bill me to have someone come out which took them 11 days for 5 minutes of work.


Good and Evil within Man

My thoughts on what I see “evil” to be. Humans are inherently evil, they struggle to be good. Evil exists in all matters of life and in human beings. Some people are more evil than others, as there being different degrees of evil. Evil in humans of what were taught growing up, in the work place, in the family and in the world.