San Diego Oppression and Abuse

San Diego was the worst experience of my life. I witnessed ongoing physical and emotional abuse from cops, security guards, restaurant owners, people working in markets, people working at the train station. Blacks and Mexicans are abused daily, the drugs are pumped into the county to hurt people and in incarcerate as many people as possible. Save Yourself!

Spectrum Corporate Corruption

Corporate Corruption is more common than people realize and they have the advantage of stealing from consumers on a daily basis. Spectrum over bills consumers and has their method of cheating you. I never received the credit I was suppose to get on my bill. And the cable cords were cut on purpose when I made a transfer so they company could bill me to have someone come out which took them 11 days for 5 minutes of work.

Good and Evil within Man

My thoughts on what I see “evil” to be. Humans are inherently evil, they struggle to be good. Evil exists in all matters of life and in human beings. Some people are more evil than others, as there being different degrees of evil. Evil in humans of what were taught growing up, in the work place, in the family and in the world.