Amy Taylor Prostitute Using PayPal

Amy Taylor Prostitute Using PayPal, to collect her “Jon” transactions. PayPal is an online merchant service that is supposed to accommodate the public. In turn, they have some of the worst reviews which are extremely low. I am not just talking about a few complaints these reviews are in the thousands. PayPal customers are very unhappy with their services, but Amy Taylor doesn’t have a problem collecting her “Jon Transactions”, she is too special as a public figure. How is it that PayPal allows hookers who think they’re some model like Christy Brinkley (which she is not) to use PayPal for Jon’s transactions?  AMY TAYLOR HIGH CLASS PROSTITUTE SEX SELLSI was always under the impression PayPal doesn’t allow that kind of activity. Yet it’s not a problem for Amy or other Hookers. Frankly, I don’t care if these whores shoot up heroin but online merchants should provide good customer service and they don’t. When you have thousands of people writing online complaints the company should be shut down. Yet they allow the same illegal activity that is condoned by PayPal who just gave the word “Hypocrite” a whole new meaning. Let me add Venmo is a sister company of PayPal and is being used in the same way.

I noticed on Trust Pilot that the reviews for PayPal are less than two Stars with over 26,000 reviews which is extremely high. Numerous people have complained about how horrible their services really are, but Amy Taylor Common Hooker doesn’t have a problem collecting her fees from her Jon’s. Isn’t it amazing how fucked up companies really are? They won’t assist the legit customers, but they cater to a common whore in a magazine who fucks like a “pornstar’, so she claims. How do you know Amy how a pornstar fucks? This bitch really believes she is so special calling herself a “public figure” and why hasn’t law enforcement arrested you for crossing state lines? I guess you got it down like that. Well, cool, but since my last theory of women like you, I wasn’t wrong about Jenna Jameson, and look where she ended up, with Aides and being a lesbian because no man wants to support her sorry ass. There’s a good chance you won’t be any different, luck only goes so far, so I hope you have a backup plan. Even married men get tired of supporting their wives.Amy Taylor is a Prostitute who appears on generic magazine covers, that doesn't mean she is a high profiled model.

I guess you really have those politicians in your pocket, at least for now, but hey getting arrested is nothing compared to murder when fucking with the wrong men (Jon’s). Don’t be surprised one day if you end up dead. Just ask Marilyn Monroe or better yet Carolyn Bessette she was on top of the world for a short time until they both crashed in a plane.

It was no accident, please. Let’s not forget Princess Grace, of course, that car accident was intentional since her husband was a part of the Drug Syndicate.  Just like Princess Diane course her death was because the old bitch was jealous. After I viewed Trust Pilot I decided to write a review of how Amy Taylor is using their services and then I sent an email to the CEO of PayPal, Dan Schulman but it was ignored, maybe he too is paying Amy Taylor for sex. I wouldn’t be surprised.

This common whore is not the only prostitute using PayPal there several others from my intensive research. Frankly, I don’t give a fuck, but it’s wrong to cheat and treat customers so badly and favor a common prostitute. This company has no integrity at all for their customers since the number of complaints that go unheard of. PayPal has done nothing to be apologetic or even correct the mistakes they have made. Dan Schulman CEO of PayPal Allows Prostitutes' like Amy Taylor to use PayPal for Jon transactions.

Corporations, state, and federal agencies don’t care about anything anymore, every complaint goes unresolved. People are lied to swindled and ignored with rude customer service. Corruption of corporations where they never pay taxes, yet people who buy goods and services are forced to pay those taxes. Dan Schulman is a dirt bag if he continues to allow this illegal activity he is one lazy mother fucker who does nothing but sits on his ass collecting a fat paycheck being the CEO of PayPal and continues to ignore the 26,000 complaints people have made.

My suggestion to the public close your accounts pull back, and let this company go under. If all customers who are still doing business with PayPal cut them loose, eventually they will fall into the dark pits of the Abyss. This company doesn’t deserve the public’s business or to make money off of taxpayers who care nothing for its customers. It’s bad enough that they outsource customer care, it’s worse when they don’t train people on how to resolve problems. You’re a real piece of shit Dan Schulman, I hope you’re proud of yourself and the lack of integrity you possess.