AMC LLC Stealing Money From Tenants

AMC LLC Property Management Cheated Tenants During Los Angeles Moratorium. Matt Goelze is Responsible for All of It!!

Recently I have surfed apartments and their reviews of tenants’ thoughts and experiences.  Some were very good and some not so good. The common factor of negative reviews or at least tenants pleading with management to communicate was a problem and no one cared. Owners refuse to get involved and be concerned about how management behaves, incident reports and other problems not being addressed such as threatening tenants’ lives with bullying and harassment. 

AMC LLC manages many properties and they are using UB West to help pay their bills. I should say ACACIA CAPITALS bills. Yet Steve Chong needs to be fired as he is stealing from tenants without their knowledge of paying for electricity on empty units. Let me make it clear UB West is NOT A UTILITY COMPANY. They act as a collection agency. How this guy can pay all bills I have no idea, then he tells the property management how much they owe him.  I don’t think anyone is really keeping track of what is being spent and what is really owed.  The money is always wrong and never trust Judy Parker that cunt can’t add, she lies too much!!!

It’s bad enough that Edison is CORPORATE CRIMINALS and now they have another 3rd party bullshit company called Clean Power Alliance, it’s all FRAUD. Another way to steal money from consumers!!!!  I left this fucked up place in 2/2022 and only today did I receive a bill that is not mine because Steve is still using the company account to ride on other tenants’ past and current billing. This email from Steve Chong admits to charging tenants for empty units. AMC, ACACIA AND STEVE CHONG STEALING FROM TENANTS WITH ELECTRICITY BILLS ON EMPTY UNITS

I do know Edison charges Acacia Capital which owns the Villa Apts $10-$12 dollars per unit when empty because as you know living in a complex the owners have their own main account. I had a big problem when transferring from one unit to the next and AMC LLC staff refused to provide proper documentation of usage. Edison also lied about providing me proof of the usage during the time between Dec – April 2020, which I never received.  The manager Steve Chong doesn’t call the shots or manage this property he is here for prosthetics reasons.  He has no power and makes no decisions, so I had nothing but problems as Judy Parker was continuously coming up with her own false charges providing no proof and Young also refused to give me proof. 

I continued to be persistent about wanting proof of usage, finally, after Steve sent me black n white copies (from UB West NOT Edison) they had discrepancies which he argued with me on.  I paid over $130 including corporate costs. This email admits tenants are paying ACACIA light bills when units are empty.

That is FRAUD and ripping off tenants!!! Let me add most emails it appears Steve Chong’s name is CC, so that tells me he may not be writing these emails, it just appears as if he is.  Here is a glimpse of the email. Steve is wrong ACACIA IS SUPPOSED TO PAY FOR THEIR OWN ELECTRICAL BILLS…OR AT LEAST THE COMPANY WHOSE NAME IS ON THE ELECTRICITY ACCOUNT!!!  NOT THE TENANT, BUT HE ADMITS THE TENANT PAYS REGARDLESS.  I HAVE COPIES OF COMPANY ACCTS.

Since all of this has occurred I had Edison come out and check the meters as tenants we have a right to do so. Now the office staff has maintenance lock the doors so tenants can’t get in. Are they trying to hide something?  I would like to give a shout-out to Kelly Vickers, thank you for zeroing out the balance after I sent the last check, however, I never asked you to do that. I called you because of the harassment by the office staff, not about the electrical bill.  You never contacted me via email or you would have known it was about other matters that were much more important.


Falling on My Ass when it’s Wet

Parking in this complex is a hassle, there are NO REAL accommodations for Handicap except the parking spaces. It’s first, come first serve and all tenants have stickers on their cars. Now many people have been here awhile, so they have old stickers, but never get towed and some never move their car. I mean it’s parked for months and months and visitors park where ever, so it can be tight. The structure needs re-pavement, but the owners are too cheap. In the following photos, You will see a Handi Cap parking, unfortunately, the water comes out of a pipe and floods the area because there is no other drainage for it to go, then the tree sheds so it’s a big slippery mess. 

That day I had to park there as everything else was taken and I had groceries. I grabbed my door handle when slipping but I was okay just some bumps on my ass, but I have mentioned before how dangerous it is and this is a senior complex. No one is concerned so I wrote a review and this is when the harassment began from the staff of AMC LLC. The next day it was cleaned up.  As you notice in the picture the Handi Cap is so faded out.  This a regular problem. When the car is parked and you open the door on the driver’s side, you step right into the puddle, it’s not possible to step around it. 

However, I have every legal right to exercise my thoughts and “freedom of speech” without retaliation, but because I did, the staff became vindictive.  A couple of days later EMILY (the leasing manager told me) the company is going to raise my rent by 9% on top of the $1509 I pay.  Just bluntly told me this. I mentioned it to Steve, he ignored me on this! This is a RENT CONTROLLED PROPERTY ASSHOLES!!!!

Two days later I get a notice threatening to throw me and my disabled husband who has DEMENTIA and terminate my lease if I don’t remove a dress shade from the patio. Really?  It’s been standing here for over 8 mos and only now its a problem? I want to display the difference in letters, the first is the threatening one, and the second is a nice letter with Steve Chong’s name on it (for posterity). Isn’t management here to serve the tenants? Not the other way around, considering TENANTS PAY FOR EVERYTHING!!! INCLUDING SALARIES OF ALL UPPER MANAGEMENT AND OWNERS!!!!  Let me add I have a patio, not a balcony, so I am not sure who wrote this with a 3rd-grade education.  Yes, I am sure they will confirm it, AMC has plenty of RATS and SNITCHES who are tenants with Section 8 Housing Authority!THREATENING TENANTS

I will be adding photos I took of other tenants who never get notices such as this and have all kinds of crap on their balconies and patios, 20 pairs of shoes in front of the door, shopping baskets everywhere, foil on the windows, hanging their underwear and laundry on the balcony (which the new tenants are doing). I am singled out and threatened and why?  Because I speak my mind?  This is part of why the world is filled with problems. There are two kinds of people, BULLIES, AND VICTIMS….. WELL, A VICTIM I AM NOT, I WON’T TOLERATE ANY ABUSE FROM ANYONE!!!! LIKE SO MANY OTHER CORPORATE LIARS

FAKE NICE NOTICE TO TENANTSOH, I forgot to mention EMILY has been conveniently transferred out just last week. This happens when someone makes a mistake, well for her it was twice I guess. EMILY did send me a “TENANT PROFILE”, which had false calls from EMILY, JUDY, and YOUNG during a certain time no one ever called, it was placed deliberately, to make me look bad. This was during a time of electrical problem. When I asked her about it, she said she just had to follow what Judy was doing.  This is why management is no longer allowed to call me, they lie and play games and later say, ‘I didn’t say that”.  I have many more photos than this.

Here are just a couple of the tenants, I have many many more photos. I personally don’t care, what people do just leave me alone.  Now, these units are extremely small (500 to 600 sq ft) and provide no storage space. I have to pay extra money for storage, but having a few houseplants and a bamboo shade for privacy is not a big deal. Being singled out and threatened is!!!

So after all this 1st) EMILY then 2nd) then the letter, it was obvious to me I am being threatened and bullied. This is the way tenants are treated who pay $3100 to move in, to what I thought was a safe place and $1509 a month in rent for less than 600 sq ft of space.

I decided to make some calls of my own, to the DISABILITY ACT, CONSUMER AFFAIRS, LA COUNTY FOR PUBLIC HOUSING, AND SEVERAL OTHER CALLS ABOUT TENANTS RIGHT…CONSUMER AFFAIRS HAD A LOT OF INFORMATION AND PROVIDED ME WITH A LIST OF ATTORNEYS.  I don’t want to get too ugly with people, that’s why communication is important, but I will not be threatened or be treated this way.  The problem falls with YOUNG, she calls the shots but refuses to communicate with me.  Steve won’t either and Judy can’t be trusted. she lies way too much.

NOW MY LEASE IS ENDING AND I AM BEING IGNORED…ALSO BY MATT GOELZE 760-621-9521, This is Young’s Boss, Janet from Acacia provided me with this information!  Yet Matt Goelze continued to ignore me, it was only after I spoke to Jenna which he later fired, is when this ass-wad decided to respond. I guess my emails to the county supervisor helped.

Now since I have to give notice in three days, I have been IGNORED FOR TWO WEEKS, Steve refused to provide me with information about the rental contract MONTH TO MONTH, CONDITIONS AND COSTS!! I went to the office and asked again, Steve said, well I will see what I can do”, what is that supposed to mean?  He is the property manager and this is the answer I get?  That’s why I say he is NOT IN CHARGE, YOUNG IS…CALLING THE SHOTS AND SHE IS THE ONE RESPONSIBLE FOR IT ALL…



Finally, I contacted Kelly Vicker who oversees this property, she once came here a few weeks ago but never walked the property, she had Judy take her around in the go-cart. It’s not the same, generally, this is a nice place, but the cost is obscene. It was much better 30 years ago.  I just know Seniors shouldn’t have to pay utility costs and high rents or Laundry Expenses. Not to mention 30, and 40-year-old adults living with 60-year-old parents. These units are far too small.  As for me, I am only here while caring for someone, but either way, management is here to accommodate the tenants, not to rip us off, or jack up high prices and threaten me. Let me not forget Illegally towing tenants’ cars. Arron’s TowingKelly Vickers is Responsible for Villa Apts

I was finally able to get Kelly Vicker’s email address, from that moron Carol House who gossips about the tenants. Another white woman sits on her ass doing nothing. I CC her email asking Steve again about the details of renewing my lease.  Interestingly enough month to month is $1561, so they raised it to $52 dollars which is still way too much. However, he lied to me about that snake, because I have an email from Steve telling me he was going to charge me $130 dollars more on top of the $1509 month to month. This proves, lies, betrayal, and theft are imposed on tenants!  MATT GOELZE STILL REFUSES TO RETURN MY RENTAL DEPOSIT!!!