Adult Protective Service is Abuse and Fraud

Adult Protective Services is Fraud, Corruption of a False Government that employs immigrants coming into America and uses them as allies. They are given jobs in “Adult Protective Services” to Incarcerate the sick and dying.  Of course, they are not here to help anyone on the street, because there is NO MONEY involved. Let me be clear about the states in America, they are set up to accumulate monies from many organizations, such as hospitals, churches, non-profits, some private monies, law enforcement, the military, and many others. We the people are the slaves who work, only to have money being taxed from us (which is actually illegal). People are only to be taxed unless they own their own businesses, not individuals who work using their own hands. The system is set up to brainwash the masses into believing if we work hard, we will get ahead and have the American dream, that in itself is the BIGGEST LIE EVER TOLD.

So the intention of this false Government is to lock people away in convalescent hospitals, mental faculties, and prisons using those same allies to work against Human Beings in order to control and ruin their quality of life. Don’t ever believe they are here to help, they will not, the hospitals are the biggest CULPRIT to incarcerate a human being. Adult Services has no main headquarters to complain against the “agent” who comes to your door to investigate. (At least not one that is made public). I have searched everywhere, to find the main office to make complaints, but I am yet to find anyone.

Just like Social Security, they too are very abusive, but the Commissioner is FAT LAZY PIG who never disciplines the workers when they lie and are hostile towards people. The agent will never ask, “How can I help”? What can I do? They don’t care, their only cause is to investigate abuse when it is them who are the abusers. If Adult Protective Services cared so much for those adults who are incapable of caring for themselves and can’t make decisions ..then why don’t you mother – fuckers get off your ass and help the people on the streets? Between the fucken CHURCH and the STATES Poverty is ENDORSED!!!!! Abuse and Rape are war tactics. Do you know how many people are not without a place to live? Millions nationwide. All thanks to Corporations and the fucken Politicians. The more people who are incarcerated in facilities, the more the state makes money and that is all that matters to American Corporations! Slavery still exists and abuse is a norm of daily living from, the military, law enforcement, and the system.

The answer is simple, they don’t give a shit and it’s all USA Corp. Corruption, isn’t it?  Like everything else in society. Adult Services is not about helping people, it’s about Incarceration!! Be mindful that all these state agencies are a scam. Let me share with you my experience of this fucked up fraud agency and how GOUK Joyce Maturano made false accusations by calling the La Mirada Police. The Cops can Go Fuck Themselves!!!! Law Enforcement is nothing more than MURDERERS!!!  Allies to a False government!

First, it began with Whittier Hospital one of the worst hospitals I have ever dealt with, talk about corruption. Todd had Dementia and hyperthyroidism which Dr. Gonzales never determined and he should have. Todd’s body was going whacky because it affects all the organs very badly. Yet I had this scum bag cardiologist coming into his room talking shit and being very abusive towards Todd when he was in the hospital. Dr. Meyer finally determined Todd had HYPOTHYROIDISM, which is associated with DEMENTIA, but none of these assholes at Whittier were communicating with each other. Interesting? So then this black bitch social worker named Pat was calling these whacked-out shrinks to question Todd later at night around 9:30 pm after the nurses were drugging him up. This is the setup to force Todd against his human will (which is illegal) into incarceration at a convalescent facility.  It’s all about MONEY FOR THE STATE!!!

SECOND, then it started again with Cynthia Taylor and Lisa Calce. Cynthia Taylor is the cousin of my significant other. She has been a heavy recreational drug user her entire life and destroyed her own kids. Besides that, she loves to start fights between people and get into the neighbor’s business. She is the kind of low-life CUNT who causes problems to fill up her day because she has never worked. One day Cyndi calls Lisa and starts talking shit (white trash). Todd hated his cousin, she was always fighting with him and causing problems. I can see it all now, Lisa being the DRUNK she is and Cyndi the manipulator, so to start trouble both of them decide to call 1) APS. All because Lisa told Cynthia I would not allow Todd to see his family. When Lisa never cared about her brother at all. The only reason she called us was to dump the family problems on us and complain when drunk. (I still have her vm).

Do you remember in my other blog post how I mentioned that Lisa said she wanted to see Todd, but refused to drive an hour, as it was out her way?  This bitch does nothing for nobody unless it benefits her. Cynthia Taylor is the same and worst. Don’t be fooled by Cynthia’s Facebook page, she is nothing more than a Drug Addict Whore and will ruin your life like she did to her own kids.

It was not true, frankly, I didn’t care to deal with them after my first encounter during thanksgiving because Todd’s other sister Tina is a racist bitch, and I was not comfortable, but Todd can see his family whenever he wanted. However, his DEMENTIA was progressing at this time.  Todd doesn’t care to see his sisters or Mom, he told this to the cop, maybe because of how he was feeling. I was the one who made a few attempts so he could see his family during the holiday, as I knew Todd would have not gone on his own. I used to remind him of mother’s day, but a few times I noticed he couldn’t handle the phone conversations, he would hang up on Lisa and another time he told me it was all too much for him to listen to his mom and sisters talking at the same time.  I truly believe his health was taking a toll this is why he couldn’t handle it the noise and feeling over whelmed.

The THIRD time was from a fucked up Adult Day Care Agency I foolishly trusted them to help me with Todd as his health began to change (his Dementia was NOT diagnosed by Doctors during this time like it should have been). This bitch who owns and runs the center with her husband lied to me and told me everything was good and lied about everything and then sends a letter to his Doctor (whom MIA on us) and she then calls APS and makes false accusations. Never TRUST OR PLACE your loved one in Adult Day Center, they are financial thieves. They are not state agencies but privately owned by an immigrant married couple! 

See everyone was so GOOD to make accusations and cause me nothing but problems, but not one person ever helped me, OR ASKED: “HOW CAN I HELP”?  His Dementia progressed and his DOCTORS NEVER DIAGNOSED HIM RIGHT.  By the time they did it was too late.  Now my ANGER is an OVERDRIVE!!!  Oh Yes, I have a Right to be Fucken Angry…

That Cunt Pat Eddington at Whittier Hospital is a SHIT place to get medical help or services. She caused me so many problems because I took Todd out of Whittier after finding out what they were doing, shooting him with drugs behind my back, and other abuses. Don’t go to PIH either they are just as bad. I don’t care for St. Jude but it’s better than Whittier. It’s Illegal BITCH!

Whittier was told by me Todd had Dementia, I already knew that, but they wouldn’t listen. Right NOW, I need a fucken LAWYER TO SUE THEM. They were negligent to Todd and doped him on all kinds of shit. Pat was illegally trying to place him in a state hospital for mental patients when he has HYPERTHYROIDISM and DEMENTIA.  It’s illegal you stupid CUNT!!!!  She calls herself a fucken social worker?  So I took Todd out of Whittier!  All State agencies are a joke, including Hospice. I tried them out only to be lied to and have some cunt who was a nurse walk into my house with a fucken attitude being disrespectful to me in my own house.

DO NOT TRUST THESE AGENCIES.!! Never again. Pat (fucken negro) social worker deliberately had Todd’s medical record state he was already at a convalescent home. I have the proof and the record.  WHITTIER HOSPITAL refused to remove it from the record! Another fucken lie, if that were true his social number would have come up showing it. Fucken NEGRO I will make sure to curse your black ass then next DARK MOON! YOU FUCKEN NEGRO BITCH! It’s illegal to lock someone up against their human will YOU CUNT!

FUCK THIS FUCKED UP COUNTRY FOR PROVIDING THESE IMMIGRANT PHILIPPINES WITH JOBS…THAT BELONGS TO FUCKEN AMERICANS!!!! My ancestors are indigenous you mother fuckers are riding the dragon for free!!

FOURTH Time, now Joyce is making false accusations because I screamed and yelled at her for harassing me on the phone, being a fucken cunt asking if Todd had CORONA VIRUS? NO BITCH HE DOESN’T I TOLD HER AND HUNG UP!!! Why, bitch is that what you’re hoping for? Fuck You and the Corona Virus, later I found out that bitch made a false report to Rite Aid lying Todd had Corona Virus. Then to be the CUNT she really is, Joyce calls the La Mirada police and makes a FALSE REPORT.

Let me tell you a few facts 1) some asshole contacts a “RITE AID” pharmacy placing Todd’s name on a list of people claiming he has corona virus which is a fucken lie. 2) All of these mother fuckers conspired to murder my man Todd Taylor, I strongly believe that because he has a past record and the elites want us all dead. It’s easier to kill the weak and sick, this is why the elderly are a target! 3) We as the human race live in an abusive misogynistic society.

Be warned I am dragging all of you motherfuckers through the mud into the pits of HELL, you’re going to pay for all you did!

As for Joyce go back BITCH on the banana boat you traveled in on and take your IMMIGRANT ass back to your own country, You don’t belong here. Only we Indigenous do!!! This Corrupt Shit Gov has you motherfuckers come here, giving you JOBS, you don’t deserve! And FUCK YOU WHITE PEOPLE IN STATE AGENCY AND GOVERNMENT, ALL OF YOU ARE NOTHING MORE THAN MURDER’S AND CHILD MOLESTERS, IN THE FUCKEN CATHOLIC CHURCH, THE MOVIE INDUSTRY ALL YOU PIECES OF SHIT ARE JUST THAT SHIT!!!