Acosta Family in Hacienda Hts.

Sometimes we think we know people, but we really don’t, at least not all of them until we see the rotten side of who they are and what they’re really made of. I’ve known Michael Steven Acosta and his entire family all my life and only until last year, I was disgusted with the leftovers of this family. Sylvia met my father Willy Palomarez in high school and soon after Sylvia met Tom. (of course, when I questioned her she would mix up the story contradicting herself) so I knew she was lying to me about something. As time went on my parents were married and moved to Hacienda Heights to move as far away from East Los Angeles as possible, it only seemed far because they were young. The Acostas soon followed, but Tom Acosta was never a real friend to my father with his malicious behavior and his fucked up negative attitude. Over the years he betrayed both my parents and physically assaulted my mother among other horrible acts his precious wife Sylvia didn’t know about and still doesn’t to this day. The last time I saw Sylvia and Michael was last year March 2022 and Michael made one horrible mistake with me as I confronted him about his bad behavior and why he was walking in the shadow of Tom Acosta.Michael Steven Acosta

Only last year Sylvia showed her true colors of what a rotten bitch she can be. Sylvia went out of her to set me up and Michael was a part of it. I went to the Acosta home to visit after many years gone by only to be betrayed and subjected to the abuse of Michael and Sylvia. So now  I am going to reveal the horrors of this family and why that house is filled with toxic death.

Yesterday on June 2023 I drove by the Acosta house after I noticed Michael’s Obituary on the internet. I was contemplating if I should knock on the door and see how Sylvia was doing. I choose not to, let her suffer with her guilt. Interestingly enough there was an undercover cop sitting in a car parked behind Sylvia’s VW Bug. I’m sure she’s scared and filled with severe grief and despair, knowing she destroyed her family and now she is alone because the men in her life are all dead. This is what happens when the family is destroyed by drugs and alcohol from drug-addicted parents raising their kids in the same manner, instead of love, understanding, education, and a healthy way of living.Willy and Gloria Paolmarez, Tom and Sylvia Acosta

As I drove by I noticed Michael’s car and truck in the driveway, his stupid mother was still holding on to everything just like she had with Tom’s truck. Sylvia is ridiculous that way. I have no doubt she DID NOT expect Michael to die. However, Mike should have prepared his own FUNERAL knowing of his unhealthy habits, and since his brothers are dead should have raised a red flag. Eventually, Mike’s possessions will either be auctioned by the state, sold, or garnished from hopefully Anthony Jr. Acosta. I only hope Anthony has the brains to obtain an attorney contest the trust and inherit all belongings at least you can cash it in. If you are reading this don’t be stupid and let it all go like you did with your father Chris’s house. Get off your ass and get ready as Grandma Sylvia is on her way out. Start now because a court process can take a very long time and your name is NOT on the trust, so you must contest it in court.

Let me give you a tip Anthony, If you can find the pink slips to Michael’s Harleys and his cars, you can sell them outright. You don’t need Grandma’s permission and the deed to the house you can do the same and take over. As long as you have the paperwork it renders Grandma Sylvia powerless and then has her declared incompetent, and your story is golden, get it? Just act fast and stick to your story, don’t contradict yourself, and stay strong. Tell no one of your actions and admit nothing if you do, you just fucked yourself!

Let me begin to reveal the many behaviors and abuse of the Acosta Family and witness Tom Acosta being disrespectful many times to my father only to realize later as an adult he was jealous. Tom Acosta is and was a destroyer, he destroyed his marriage, and he destroyed his sons with Alcohol and Drugs. He also tried really hard to destroy my parent’s marriage. Tom was a loser, he was not a man but a coward and rapist. My father served in Vietnam and lived with the Trauma, of war and death because the white man makes a profit from killing people, something Tom didn’t have the balls for!!! 

Tom Acosta was a high school dropout with little to no education he never had the confidence to do anything special with his life other than work a mediocre job and keep Sylvia barefoot and pregnant with six pregnancies’, two abortions, and four live births beginning from the age of 15 years. Of course, like Michael once said to me, Sylvia is not the victim everyone thinks she is and he was right, she turned out to be an extension of Tom just as abusive and rotten as the rapist she married only to be a drunk herself with no identity or self-worth. Acosta Boys, Tommy Jr. Chris, Louie and MichaelSylvia never really worked primarily she depended on Tom to support the family, but when she did work she was fired soon after driving drunk on a school bus filled with children. This dependency might be the reason why Tom Sr. once said to me during dinner how “Sylvia owed him”. That is when I realized what kind of human being he is NOT!

They met young and were married young because of insecurities and a lack of knowledge. Gloria, Tom’s sister told me how her mother purchased an older home big enough for everyone to live in because Sylvia was pregnant. Gabe Acosta not a man a child molesterTom was a spoiled brat as his parents purchased him a car. However Sylvia lies and claims Tom’s parents were abusive, that is a lie, nothing was ever good enough for Tom and he looked up to Gabe Acosta as a male role model which only gave room in Tom’s mind it was okay to rape women. Gabe Acosta was nothing more than a child molester. I should know he was always making dirty remarks and trying to grab at me when I was a child and later as I grew into a young woman. Yet Tom’s idea to keep Sylvia in line he would physically abuse her on occasion as Gloria noticed bruises on her arms since they were all living in the house. Today Gloria still has her mother’s house. Michael told me years ago Tom inherited over $150,000 from the proceeds of the house, that was a lie. Gloria has never sold the house and she doesn’t intend to for one reason. No one is going to profit from it, but her.Tom and Sylvia Acosta

I remember at Louie’s funeral was the last time I saw Gabe Acosta I was about 25 and had a family of my own but nothing had changed, he was as disrespectful as he always was. I grew a sharp tongue over the years, so I had no problem keeping that son of bitch in line, so there was no reason to tell my father knowing it would cause a severe rip in the family and I would be blamed for at all. Isn’t it always the girl’s fault because men just can’t keep their fucken hands to themselves.

I LOVED SYLVIA she was like a second mom but what she did to me I feel no empathy for her now which took place in March of 2022. When I was a kid I would have sleepovers, at the Acosta house and sneak out to McDonald’s the two of us. Sylvia once told me how I was like the daughter she and Tom never had, but the things Tom did to my parents, the betrayal, verbal abuse, and how he was always interfering in their marriage as he wanted my parents to break up. Tom Acosta was an abusive miserable human being and he destroyed his own family, so why should our family be happy? Tom and Sylvia lived an abusive and volatile marriage. This is why the Acosta boys didn’t understand the meaning of a healthy relationship and why all their marriages and girlfriends never stuck around for the long haul. They never understood what a healthy relationship was so they could have one for themselves.

My parents were nothing like the Acosta but they once valued their friendship until Tom assaulted my mom. My mother worked hard her entire life she was never dependent on my dad, unlike Sylvia who had no identity of her own. And my parents didn’t sit around getting drunk with us kids. Tom would say Chris was his drinking buddy and Sylvia did the same with Tom Jr. This is why these boys are all dead. Other than Louie who died of AIDS. The only difference with Michael he didn’t come around very much in his younger years even when Louie was dying he was never around and frankly he should have stayed away and lived a booze and drug-free lifestyle, but he didn’t or he would be alive today.Michael AcostaMichael and Sylvia Acosta at home Over the years his mental and emotional problems were transparent to me. After I saw him, I realized how he let himself go. His health was in very bad shape, he was still drinking, his liver was shot out, diabetes, and Mike overrated to fill a void in his heart. I used to adore Michael when we were children, but children grow up and move on. He had two sides of his personality, the beautiful side that was loving and caring and the ugly side that was abusive physically and verbally just like Tom (the very man he resented his whole life). He once expressed to me that if I loved him, I should allow him to violate my ass. I told him why don’t you do that to FAT PIG OLGA? Since you think so much of her? He didn’t like that one bit, but I didn’t care. Olga the neighbor befriended Sylvia in hopes Michael would marry her, she doesn’t work, lives off her son’s SSI money, lives in her parent’s house claiming she cares for them, and thinks she has superpowers practicing Witchcraft. Michael told me he viewed Olga only as a sister nothing else, but betrayed me in the process by talking about me to her, and yet would complain to me. Michael was a two-face and so confused with his own emotions that he never got help.

This is where I began my disgust for Michael Acosta he was just like his father and Gabe. A pig, thinking like a rapist and has little to no respect for women, but in his mind, he expressed to me he knows how to treat women he just didn’t see me as a lady. I ask why. Because I can see through your shit and I won’t tolerate it? Why because I won’t allow you to rape my ASS!  I had a huge argument that turned volatile with him one day. He just didn’t expect my harsh reaction to overthrow his manipulating tactics, to be effective as a warrior, and to fight him back. Michael had no idea what a healthy relationship looked like thanks to “dear ole dad”.Michael and Tom Acosta drinking.

Just because I  once cared for you doesn’t mean I’m giving you permission to violate me, you piece of shit!! Yup everyone has a dark side now it’s time to show mine. There’s more, much more.  You know I was hurting after Todd died and I trusted these people forgetting for a moment the nasty shit Tom did from the past. They were not family or friends to trust, I made a mistake, so I have no empathy for Sylvia and I’m glad Michael is finally dead! Unlike Olga I don’t need to brag about my special gifts, just to speak on something can cause a reaction to play out in our physical realm as humans we all have a connection to this universe. 

Last year I wrote Sylvia a letter but Michael answered it wanting to see me, so I agreed, my husband had just died and my emotions were raw and vulnerable, but Michael didn’t care, he took advantage of the situation and frankly the dinner conversation was unpleasant as well. All Michael spoke on was Anthony (Chris’s older boy) and his mistakes as if Michael were a saint. He wasn’t, he sold drugs for a long time at a young age but was never busted and was always running away from home. I questioned him,

“Was it really that bad at home”, he replied yes. Tom and Mike had a volatile relationship most of their lives because Tom was always demeaning Michael and making him feel like an outcast. Michael had many poor relationships with ex-girlfriends none that ever lasted or were substantial to lead to marriage. He was immature, irresponsible, and never purchased a home, (he had plenty of money to do this) he always ran back to mommy and daddy’s house when the girlfriend didn’t work out. Just like his last relationship.

Michael would have made a good husband if he had self-love, self-worth, and self-respect. Instead of becoming an abuser and drunk like his father. One thing I witnessed several times was Michael would argue with someone, all because he would hire them for a job at the house, but then the argument would start because he didn’t want to pay them, he was trying to skate on them. Then Mike would talk shit about that person to Sylvia, being in Instigator only to get Sylvia started and then she would call that person harassing them and arguing. It was a nasty sick game they both played, they did it to those people they thought they could take advantage of. It usually blew up in their faces. This was a never-ending cycle, in between all that shit, the two of them would argue as if they were married to each other and then counterattack the other party. Michael Acosta with Friends

Michael was so blind and uneducated, ignorant that he just wouldn’t leave for good and never look back.  He wouldn’t just go live his own life which was really STUPID, his parents didn’t care, and everyone was drug addicted. The two of them fighting like they were married is FUCKEN INSIDEOUS BEHAVIOR. I mailed Gloria and told her everything, Sylva and Michael did the same thing to me. I wished him DEAD!!!  And it came true but Michael was already very sick, so it wasn’t much effort.

Sylvia lied to me calling me on the phone one afternoon, She basically set me up, so I would beat up her friend who couldn’t speak English, and she would come over and get drunk with Sylvia. Sylvia started the argument I looked at her, then Michael as he stayed home one day to party with them both, I walked out fast. The following day she apologized but it was all a lie, and so did Mike. The only reason they called me with sorry was so I would come over to clean her dirty house because Michael was too cheap to pay for an agency. He basically lied to me and then skated all over me. It all ended badly only for the two of them to attack me, so now its pay back. The ACOSTA FAMILY was so DYSFUNCTIONAL AND ABUSIVE WITH DRUGS, ALCOHOL, AND THE MEN IN THIS  FAMILY THINKING RAPE  IS ALLOWED!!Michael Steven Acosta Unrecognizable

I have so many dirty secrets I know about this family. I had no bad intentions here, but I will say this, being spiritual, not religious, my spirit guides refrained me from cursing Sylvia which is not hard to do and now I know why.  As humans, we live in a Karmic cycle of bad and good on Earth. However, Karma was in play and they knew Michael was going to die. I listened it’s not hard to manifest desire on earth. Regardless Mike would have died eventually due to his bad health habits, I just didn’t think he would outlive his mother, but now I realize, it’s Sylvia Acosta’s punishment to live with all this death, rot, and regret, she has no one to blame but herself, so don’t feel sorry for someone who is just as abusive as the man she married and lived a life of regret with.

Like any family, the Acostas were good and bad, but when people continue to keep hating each other when they should be supporting each other and showing gratitude and understanding, not jealousy, abuse, and contempt, it only manifests hate in the material world. Michael was an abuser just like his father. Michael had Olga come after me with her Witchcraft, this is why he continued to ask me about my birthday and where my source of income came from. It all backfired, I never told him, but look what happen to you Michael now you’re taking a fucken dirt nap. Your mental and emotional problems were never resolved. I don’t hate you, why? I have too much to LOVE FOR MYSELF and I’m happy in my life, right now as I will live a long long very long time. You being only 58 are now dead, for you, it’s over, and that I am sorry for. You couldn’t see your own self-destruction to create a greater positive change in your life.

If you only had faith and confidence as a man instead of self-hatred. May the Spirits have mercy on your soul or not! If your soul reincarnates too quickly I only hope you learn from the lessons next time around. Interesting that Michael died 2 days before his brother Tommy’s birthday April 10 and 5 days before his mother Sylvia’s birthday April 13.  I believe it has great significance. It leaves Sylvia with the memory of her family and the only closeness they really had was in death not life.

Michael Acosta's Headstone Now dead April 8th 2023