San Diego County Racism and Abuse

Abusive and Racist San Diego is the worst place to live. Ongoing hostility and hatred, white people inflict and endorse abuse and drugs on people of color.  Over a decade ago I found myself having to uproot from Orange County to San Diego because my daughter felt she needed to finish school at Platt College. (which you should NEVER attend, the owner and financial aid steal monies from students). She was living out there for a short time with some family, but it wasn’t going as well as planned. Originally I asked her to look into schools close to home. It was better to study graphic design at one of the Universities close to home. She refused and pressured me to uproot. I later resented that decision. I endured nothing but abuse.

Abusive and Racist San Diego is the worst place to live. Ongoing hostility and hatred, white people inflict and endorse abuse and drugs on people of color. Abusive and Racist San Diego is the worst place to live. Ongoing hostility and hatred, white people inflict and endorse abuse and drugs on people of color.  I also noticed many Black Americans and Pakistan-Indian people are just as hostile against Mexicans.

Living in San Diego was the worst experience of my life being threatened daily, by other Mexicans, cops, and blacks of other races. The entire time I lived in this Racist San Diego County I was emotionally and physically abused. I hated it and the poverty level was extremely high was the worst. The politicians and rich people were dumping drugs to infect poverty and have ordinary people arrested. No jobs, severe oppression, and racism.

For anyone to have a decent-paying job in this fucked up county was unheard of.  It was very challenging, so after the move, I physically collapsed and was upset about being here. Vanessa got settled into school, but unfortunately, I had a number of problems with the administration as I came to find out the school was stealing her financial aid.  This was only the beginning of many problems I would endure.  Racism in San Diego is with the intent to kill and hurt all Mexican people!

You can “google” these words and you will find many articles, but a written description doesn’t compare to a personal experience of hatred and oppression.  There are only two groups that live in San Diego, rich and poor. This is not based on race, it’s based on income first. You can either live well or live in hell.  The best is yet to come.  During my first few months,

I had to work a number of shitty jobs with little pay. People in the workplace were continuously causing problems because it’s what they were used to. My older boy left on his own into the Army, so I was relieved. However, the younger one found new friends that usually got into trouble. At this point, he lost sight of his character.

During my stay here I began to realize the people were ongoing with hostility. On the trolleys which were common to ride to get to and from, people were being continuously harassed and physically assaulted by security. These people were not cops but their appearance was deceiving as they appeared to be from a distance. I don’t know if they are trained and told verbally to threaten people, but they did especially if you were Mexican. It was naturally assumed if you were Mexican you must have run across the border and don’t know a word of English or one’s legal right. Regardless this kind of abuse should NOT BE TOLERATED!!!

So with that being said, I guess these security officers believe it’s their right to be abusive.  I was so broke and needed to get to work I took a chance on the trolley. I was stopped because I didn’t have payment the next thing I knew. I have this “white-skinned”, Mexican girl, jumping in my face and demanding my social security number. I told that little bitch you give me your number and I’ll give you mine.

And with her, a white male co-worker threatened to physically hurt me if I didn’t show my payment. I told him I didn’t have it. “I also don’t have a problem contacting your employer and the media as soon as you are done breaking my bones SINCE YOU ARE THREATENING ME TO DO JUST THIS!!!

We had words back and forth and I refused to show my ID. This security expressed he was going to do me the favor and let me go with a warning. Wow, what a nice guy. These scumbag people are not cops, they’re security for the trolley.  They enjoy harassing and beating people all the time and getting away with it. This is nothing many times security has physically assaulted people, handcuffed them, and even beaten people down on the street.

Let me describe a few occurrences.  Cops are extremely racist if you are Mexican they will have every cop car in the city after you and hunt you down like a terrorist if a person farts in the wrong direction. Now if you’re Somalian or Black American (or sand negro’s) they don’t give a shit. Abusive and Racist San Diego is the worst place to live. Hostility, Oppression, and Hate!

I once witnessed a gang fight with Somalians, there must have been like two hundred kids fighting in the street. I was walking down 54th and I couldn’t believe my eyes, no cops were around. Then all of a sudden one cop car drives down, with no sirens, or no flashing lights, he is cruising his vehicle. These kids scattered to the wind and the cop drove off like it didn’t matter.

Everywhere I went if I was shopping or needed to go to the bank to withdraw money I was continuously being treated badly. Questioned, dirty looks, and people who displayed very odd behavior. I went to an ATM and it wasn’t working right, so I went inside to let the bank teller know.  She stood away from me like 50 feet.  I thought to myself, “What the hell, who acts like that”?  I’m not going to attack her.

Then the cops drove by and happened to give me the evil eye, they didn’t stop, which I was grateful for. Who’s to say they wouldn’t have shot me? I decided to dine out one night and walked into a Mexican restaurant with the worst customer service, even the Mexicans are against Mexicans. It’s seriously fucked up behavior. You can sense the oppression in the air and the hostile manner.

Racism has never died and it’s just as hostile and abusive as ever. It’s interesting to me that white people naturally believe this land in California is theirs by birthright. It’s NOT! (Not to say all white people are bad). Yet I see no reason to give them the “benefit of the doubt”. These white racist assholes, abusive pigs, and child molesters (in the white house and court systems) became citizens in a new land. Maybe I don’t recall all the details of American history, but I do know “THE WHITE RACE” is not INDIGENOUS to AMERICA!! Abusive and Racist San Diego is the worst place to live. 

The problem within society is, that the white man has brainwashed us all and imposed their corrupt mentality to keep people separated and hating on each other. The elites want us to hate each other, they want us to hurt each other until we are completely destroyed and enslaved like it was DURING THE EGYPTIAN ERA. if we’re hating on each other it distracts us from the Elites doing EVIL on the Human Race and it’s worked magnificently. At least we are not fighting them and that is the point.

Racism is a mental conditioning that is drilled so deep (even at the cost of truly not understanding the shapes and forms it comes in). Yet I do believe fear can keep us ignorant and in the dark.

If false information wasn’t being provided through mass media and other sources, then why the hostile and aggressive behavior to beat on people riding a trolley? Whether they have paid or not is no excuse for physical abuse.  This behavior only reinforces the very same elements in society we need to reduce and prevent from happening. What I am trying to express if you have accurate knowledge of the info structure of our society and people, most of what the media says is not true. If fear wasn’t keeping us ignorant we wouldn’t be hating one another.

I’ve witnessed people walking in front of a security camera at the entrance of a bank selling drugs, by simply exchanging hands. At one point I witnessed this young white girl with a young black kid as she was the one who scored drugs walking out of the crack house I, unfortunately, lived across from.

A few weeks later the swat team and uncover units were busting the door down and raiding the place. Drugs in San Diego are a death trap. IT’S THE PERFECT SETUP. Strip people from having jobs, the white man injects drugs in the county, and arrests all the people to incarcerate. Ruin people’s lives when they have nothing left, it’s the only way to kill the masses.

It’s the most corrupt county I have ever witnessed from the court systems to the judges, setting people up knowing they’re going to fall and the incarceration rate is high. Security beating people up in the streets, hurting children.  There is no help for those who can’t escape and if anyone needs help with welfare the workers come to your house and question you before you get a food card. THE WHITE RACE IS EVIL AND FULL OF HATE. They enjoy killing people, they always have.

There are no decent jobs other than minimum wage and you have to work three of those just to make the rent. Unless you have lots of money you will suffer tremendously. 

People enjoy the party life, but even the bar scene and parties downtown will get you in trouble. Too many power drinkers and massive fights.  Cal State San Diego was raided when I lived down there. Most of the kids found in the fraternity were arrested for drug trafficking and rumor has it a young girl’s murder was connected. CSU San Diego is not a good school anyway. GET OUT OF SAN DIEGO!!!

Take my word for it. San Diego is not a safe place, if you live there please get out take whatever money you have, and jump on the next Amtrak and come down to Orange County or Los Angeles.  At least there you can get some kind of job and live in a less stressful place. Not to say Orange County is NOT RACIST because it is. It’s a better start to have a chance to move out and away from the EVIL that is deeply rooted in San Diego!