Abortion STOP!!! Controlling the lives of Women

Stop!!! Controlling the lives of women. Biden Lifts Abortion Referral Ban. The Biden administration on Monday reversed a ban on abortion referrals by family planning clinics, lifting a Trump-era restriction as political and legal battles over abortion grow sharper from Texas to the U.S. Supreme Court. Yeah, this Son of A Bitch should. Trump is a piece of Shit!!  I don’t know why this asshole thinks they have the right to tell women what to do?  Biden is the worst president next to Carter from years ago, being in the White House.  What am I saying, all of them are Criminals!!!   He’s weak and too old. Frankly, this country doesn’t need a president or a false government, because all it does, is ruin the lives of the collective, brainwashing people and lying to the communities, stealing money from consumers so we can pay for the rich to live well, while the rest of struggle to survive.

The Department of Health and Human Services said its new regulation will restore the federal family planning program to the way it ran under the Obama administration when clinics were able to refer women seeking abortions to a provider. I don’t know how these assholes can have the right to tell any female what she can do with her own body. It’s all about keeping slavery active, if young women and older women don’t have kids, then the population dies and there are no slaves in society to support the white man. God forbid that moron is poor or any of the Elites. This country is based on Slavery, it always has been!!

Groups representing the clinics said they hope the Biden administration action will lead hundreds of service providers that left in protest over Trump’s policies to return, helping to stabilize a longstanding program that has been shaken by the coronavirus pandemic on top of ideological battles. Coronavirus is an excuse everyone is using, it has nothing to do with any of this. It’s the white man trying to control women and their reproductive organs to keep slavery alive! There are hundreds of women today who are very young and pregnant on the street with nowhere to go. This is creating a larger problem.

Known as Title X, the taxpayer-funded program makes available more than $250 million a year to clinics to provide birth control and basic health care services mainly to low-income women. Under former President Donald Trump, clinics were barred from referring patients for abortions, prompting a mass exit by service providers affiliated with Planned Parenthood, as well as several states and other independent organizations. If this bullshit continues, then backyard abortions’ will start.STOP!!! TELLING WOMEN WHAT THE FUCK TO DO WITH OUR BODIES!!

Women’s groups labeled the Trump policy a “gag rule,” and medical organizations called it a violation of the clinician-patient relationship. But religious and social conservatives praised the policy for imposing a strict separation between family planning services and abortion. Under federal law, clinics could not use federal money to pay for abortions.  Is that so, well you mother fuckers in the white don’t have a problem stealing money every day from the taxes the consumers are forced to pay, which is illegal since most people are not self-employed.  God only knows where all that money really goes while it accumulates interest in the world bank.  “Oh, that’s right aero space shit and the fucken military, because of white man’s greed!

FUCK, those ignorant “religious groups” and FUCK, those stupid conservative jack-wads, they have no right supporting these ignorant restrictions, never knowing these women personally and if they did, they still have no right to say anything.  I was 22 years old and had three kids I never wanted, I raised them alone, and it ruined my life, my dreams, and the opportunities I could have had. As women of color we live in certain neighborhoods, grow up with certain influences, and yet lack proper public education and don’t think rich kids are better off because they’re not. Both parents have to work. Women, it’s time to speak up, these iron politics want a new generation of slavery to abuse that’s all.

Now being older (women are less valued) it does matter to all women to choose an abortion!!! No fucken politician or anyone has the right to tell women what the fuck to do!!! All that exists are shit jobs that can’t pay the rent or executive jobs that only white people are allowed to have, considering the numerous contradictions of segregation and discrimination plays a factor. People are struggling and slaves!!

If I knew of the choices I had and where to go it could have saved me a lifetime of heartache. I was naïve with no voice of my own, but of course, that has changed. Now over 50, I have struggled all of my life and people expect me to happy with a fucken minimum-wage job for the rest of my life?  FUCK NO!!!! I now have some health issues, but can still kick ass on any man!!. Having a child is the biggest burden and people are so stupid, they just keep having kids in this fucked up society. People never practice safe sex. You don’t know what the future will bring, couples don’t stay together and why raise a child alone? A kid needs both parents if they mature enough, which couples usually are not. Let’s not forget the divorce rate is extremely high!!!

“I’M GOING TO SAY THIS TO ALL YOUNG WOMEN, AND MALES, TAKE THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED, IT’S NOT WORTH SACRIFICING YOUR LIFE!!!  Witchcraft will help you to abort a pregnancy. Email me for details.

And for all those stupid females (white women) and those who are not white, thinking marrying a man with money will make the difference, no it won’t. Every human goes through mid-life change and every woman goes through menopause. Neither is easy and it will clash when raising kids, this is one reason couples fight and family problems develop because most people never understand these changes that occur, they are biological, and it happens to everybody. It brings many emotions and conflicts and other problems to the mix and you end up with a big mess trying to raise your kids.

As for females, you should never depend on a man, he could die, or leave you, and there is no guarantee.  Take the road less traveled, think about yourself as a young woman, live your dreams, and be ambitious, to understand who you are. It does take a lifetime, to work hard and figure out what you want to do with your life, that in itself is a challenge. Having kids is a HUGE RESPONSIBILITY. It might be lonely, but if you need to be successful on your own, having kids will only make life harder.

In 2018, the family planning clinics served about 3.9 million clients, but HHS estimates that number fell by nearly 40% after the Trump policy. The upheaval may have led to more than 180,000 unintended pregnancies, the agency said. Yeah, I’m sure it did. There are many reasons for abortion, rape, drug addiction, and women with no place to live. Do you think family gives a FUCK? No, they really don’t.  Family these days is not RELIABLE at all. If anything they will turn their backs on you.  Fuck the Politicians women it’s time to fight these Mother Fuckers!!  Who the hell do these stupid men think they are? Advising women what to do?