Chad Dickerson White Collar Criminal

Chad Dickerson White Collar Criminal Owner of Etsy. Inc Etsy is officially owned by Etsy Inc. Although it was created by Chris Maguire, Robert Kalin, Haim Schoppik and later, Jared Tarbell, the company is currently under the management of Chad Dickerson as CEO, President, and Chairperson. With this being noted I am going to hold all "white collar criminals" accountable for the theft they have imposed on me. White people…

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Agenda 21 Is Moving Forward

Lessen the Ignorance and pay attention Agenda 21 will move forward if lazy Americans don't get off their ass and fight back! David Icke Explains the Agenda of the Elites and Political Arena.  Wake Up  your laziness and fear is No Excuse!

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Corporations are the Thieves

Corporations are Thieves Americans are Blind to Corporate Theft. Americans are lazy, complacent and to dumb to see the truth of Bankers and Global Theft. Corporations are Thieves, it's obvious to me, but most people are to ignorant to understanding or recognizing how much they steal from customers or why they would? Frankly it's extremely common, banks are notorious stealing from customers, methods for over drafting accounts to charge extensive…

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Evil Is to Live

Evil is to Live, but for whom? Not people of the world, only the aristocrats, the elites. The Iron Men who have planted their seed of Evil to destroy the human race.Have you ever noticed how much "evil" is in the world and among all of us that it seems so natural? Mass media is the prime problem to translate all the crap that is expressed from "Iron Men" who…

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