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    During these dark days of man-made viruses, war, murder, and our constitution being torn apart, the race of man is quickly decreasing in numbers. Why? GREED and ABUSE Politicians and corporations have subjected humans to slavery. This country has more followers than radical leaders to keep society balanced. Social Media Platforms are not news, those systems work against you, not for you. They will not provide support or Freedom of Speech. Social Media is self-serving.

    Our system is filled with greed from corporations as they keep people enslaved while they nurture the wicked Elites. Leaving the rest of us to fight for survival with food, shelter, and cost of living. Start paying attention to the abuse of politics, in schools, in the work environment, influences of homosexuality, and campaigns influencing us of how to live our lives which has only lead to confusion and destruction.

    As a human race, we can no longer ignore this abuse!!! It’s time for a Human Revolution. There is NO GUN CONTROL, DRUGS are everywhere in schools, and the workplace. Homosexuality is highly encouraging to children, especially males. Medical care is negligent and a conspiracy towards drug dependency and mental illness. No quality of care.

    AngryGirl started this blog to scream at those who piss me off with the media and politics that plague are nations of people. Why are people afraid to stand together as a collective? It can only be due to “Ignorance and Fear”. STOP VOTING for corrupt politicians. Stop giving them the power to rule over the human race. Our Freedom Matters!

    It’s Time to Stand Together, Be Strong, and fight back! If we don’t slavery will become greater with incarceration.  Crimes against Humanity will no longer be tolerated. Create Change Now. Is America becoming Communism?




    Abortion is an ongoing subject with politicians that never seems to stop, why is that? Is their personal agenda dictating to women to have children who shouldn’t for various reasons, so those in power can keep people enslaved in this country? I believe it is. There is no Freedom in this country, not when the Constitution has been ripped to shreds and corporations have become so financially greedy. And for those who have or I should say “had’ a home are being burned down its not by chance. Yet its a mystery who is responsible? Oh I have no doubt all of us know who is responsible for numerous murders and leaving people homeless. This is not an accident or because people don’t want to work, or as some of the church goers have expressed, the Homeless are burning homes down. Yeah right, sure they are, a group of people who have no power. More like the Elites they are responsible for all of it. Don’t blame people who have no power. Numerous problems with the world is plagued with Homosexuality and encouraging young males to be Fag’s and Transgender – Prostitution is extremely on a high scale but that’s nothing new. – Human Trafficking is a serious global problem especially here in the US, have I missed anything?  No Gun control, but why should there be, this false Gov wants us to kill each other.  Drugs pumped through out the world. Gross Negligence with Medical Support as insurance companies rather lock up the sick and dying instead of helping quality of life. This country is filled with Hate and Violence in every level and it never Stops!! AngryGirl Feminist says its time to fight back and STOP this Abuse!